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Research Highlights

Jockey Club Early Psychosis (JCEP) Project (2008-2015)

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has supported the Department of Psychiatry of the LKS Faculty of Medicine to launch a 5-year Jockey Club Early Psychosis Project jointly with the Hospital Authority, Caritas Social Work Services and the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong. Awarded with HK$68.8M, the objectives of the project are: (1) Research – to evaluate the effectiveness and health economic implications of early intervention services for psychosis; (2) Education – to enhance public awareness of psychosis and to develop a trained network of professional gatekeepers skilled in the early detection of psychosis; (3) Service –early psychosis patients will receive intervention service and community-based group programmes provided by a specialized multidisciplinary team.

An educational website has been set up (, providing in-depth information about psychosis for the public, as well as news and developments of the project.