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Dear Professor Sir David Todd,

A little over 50 years ago I was your houseman. You never criticized how bad the bone marrow smears were made, and in fact steered us to the important findings. You brought hematology to the level that we could understand, and showed us the paths to future studies.

You might have left us, but your students all over the world are spreading the knowledge for the goodness of mankind.

Rest in peace, my great teacher.
Edward Wai-Chau Tam
MB BS 1966

Dear Professor Todd
As I am readying myself to witness the total eclipse in California, I can't help but reflect on the fact that you had shown me any world wonder through some 20 years of my initial medical career, from being a medical student, medicine intern, and on my subsequent visits to the department till around the time you retired.
I have learned so much from your teaching during these times, not just in hematology but in all aspect of medicine, and more importantly, how to conduct ourselves as a physician in front of our colleagues, friends and patients alike.
Most of us who had a casual beer round with you during the evenings, or during a formal faculty dinner would be amazed at the real human side of you and your humor. It was so very enjoyable and memorable to have spent the time with you.
I recalled the sadness you radiated around your body the morning after the passing of your close friend or mentor, Dr. Chang I think. I just entered my internship at that time. I had been wearing the same sadness around me for the last day after I heard of your passing. I can now understand what you must have going through, losing someone we treasure so very much.
I will forever cherish what I have learned from you.
Will the warmest memory, I remain, forever,
your student in medicine and in life.
Peter Chun-Chung
Peter C Fung, MD, MS, FACP, FAAN, FAHA
MB,BS 1971

Your recognition of how public health measures improve the general health of our community from a renowned physician's perspective is a great inspiration to me who works in the field of public health. Rest in peace.
Maggie Kwok

Professor Todd taught me everything I need to know to be a physician and an academic Hematologist. I am forever in debt.
He was a gentleman, a wise man, a role model, a mentor, a scientist, a physician , a leader, a scholar and a true influencer who has trained and mentored generations of physicians. His life had impacted many patients and their families and many others through his teaching, research and service to the society. He will be missed.
Henry C Fung 馮志亨

Dear Professor Todd
I owed you so much for your teaching and guidance in my career path. No words could express my sincere thanks to you. I still remembered your lectures, your bedside teaching, your grand you stood with your hands on hips at the door entrance of ward A2 before the rounds....those fond memories will remain in my hearts forever. I will pray for you.
Rest in peace, my dearest professor.
Chan Yuk Wah

When I was a medical student, you filled me with wonder.
When I was a resident, you greeted me with warmth.
Now a haematologist, I hope I can continue share your wonder and warmth to my fellows, juniors, and patients.
Miss you, but I know you will always be around us.
Lee Chi Wai Anselm

Dear Prof Todd
Thank you for being my teacher, mentor, role model and friend. Your teaching and advice have shaped me into who I am now and in turn I have been able to pass some of that on to the next generation. Your influence will last forever. Glad I got to catch up with you twice this past year. You will be forever missed. May you rest in peace.
Anna Lok

Dear Prof. Sir David,
I miss you so much. How I want more of your bedsides & chats after work. I should have visited you & talk to you more after your retirement. All of our class will pray for you & your family.

Your kind words will always be in my heart.
CHU Sau Kwan Peggy
MBBS 1987

Thank you for being such a good doctor, an inspiring teacher, and a great man. You will always be remembered in our hearts. May you find peace and comfort in eternity.
CHAN Ka Lee, Lily
MBBS(HK) 2013

Thank you, Prof Todd, for being my teacher, mentor and friend. Your influence helped to shape me to be who I am now; and I am forever grateful for this.
George Chan

It is fitting that I am writing this from North America on the day of total eclipse of the sun.

We reconnected in 2010 at my class reunion. You were the only faculty present (besides Sum Ping but he was a classmate.) Though I only met you a couple more times in private after, we continued to share thoughts - the wonder of electronic communication. When I recalled the way you taught in the classroom, by the bed side and in the clinic, you humbly said that you had forgotten your specialty and encouraged me to retire completely to pursue the other goodness in life. Yet, you facilitated the early diagnosis of my very rare paraneoplastic POEM Syndrome by just listening to my history and observed my difficulty in walking when I visited you in 2015. From then on we journeyed together as fellow cancer patients. You loved life but were ready to go home. Thank you for being there, my mentor and friend.

As a Catholic I believe in the communion of saints. We are all in one - the unborn and the dead. Our communion is now instant through our loving God. Will meet again someday.

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I join the many all over the world in mourning your passing.
Vicky Siu-Ming Chen

It is quite sad to say farewell to my mentor & previous boss.
I hope we can pass on your distinguish legacy in Medicine to our future generations.

Previous staff of UMU
NG, Shi Hon
MBBS 1973

Always in my heart.
LAM Augustine
MBBS 1985

Margaret and I are very sad to hear this news. David was one of HKU’s greatest ambassadors to the university world and the most highly respected medical teacher and scholar I have ever known. We shall all miss him greatly.
Wang Gungwu

You will always be remembered.
Chiu Suck Chan


Requiescat in pacem
Bernard Cheung

My biggest fortune to be a student of the medical faculty.
Thank you very much Professor Todd ,
May your legacy go on.
Rest in peace.
Dr. Wai, Yuk Chun Veronica

Dear Prof. Todd,

Although I was never able to get to know you formally other than our brush-ins at DBS Medical Chapter or HKU Medicine events, I have always been blown away by your charm, poise and wit.

Indeed, it shall remain perhaps one of my greatest misfortunes as a medical student to have not had the opportunity to receive your tutelage firsthand, but in my mind you have forever set the bar for what an impeccable medical practitioner, and a gentlemanly doctor should be. For all of us, and time and time again.

I would like to thank you for your dedication, professionalism, humility and wisdom towards the noble undertaking that is Medicine, with you have brought light to so many lives, patient and peer alike. Be it as a doctor or teacher, you always showed compassion, empathy, and care. Sir Isaac Newton may have spoken about standing on the shoulders of giants - but to me you were the perfect example of what he really meant.

It will be a difficult journey for us ahead as we try to cope with the massive void left in the wake of your absence, but there would be no greater honour for us, medical professionals and students alike, than to be allowed the opportunity to walk in your footsteps towards the betterment of Hong Kong's healthcare in the future.

Rest well, good sir.
Rohit Kumar Verma
2010 (DBS), 2021 (MBBS)

A great physician , inspirating teacher and a gentleman always!
You will be missed and remembered.
Alice Choy

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