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Professor Todd's great kindness has moved so many people. Being one of the few (perhaps the only one) who made him angry, I can testify to his great kindness and tolerance to a young and rebellious junior guy like me in the 1980s. Those who worked with me in QMH then know the story. His soul rests in peace in heaven and is always with us.
Chang Chee My Paul

Dear Prof. Todd, I am honoured to be one of your students. Knowledgeable, humble and caring, you showed us what it meant to be a doctor. Your spirit lives on.
Tina Lam

Dear Professor Todd,

The most respected Professor and teacher.
The most influential clinician.
A genuine gentleman.

May you rest in peace.
Hin Hung Tsang
Medic 89

You selected me for entrance to medicine in HKU and now, on my retirement, I bid you farewell as you leave us all - hopefully a better crowd after your teaching and mentoring.
Gloria TAM

You have great insight by bringing bone marrow transplant technique into Hong Kong. As your student, I really wish to do innovative research with you!
Szeto Ching Ho
MBBS 1991

Professor Todd was and will always be the role model of his students. Thank you Professor and rest in peace.
Loretta Yam

Professor Sir David Todd lived his life to the fullest, with boundless energy, curiosity, intelligence, passion, commitment and love. His integrity was absolute, his spirit immeasurable, and his approach to life exemplary. He was held in the highest esteem by his students, colleagues, patients and friends. He will be sadly missed.
Yu Yuk Ling MBBS 1973 and Li Wai Sze Vivienne BA 1974

Professor Sir David Todd, our beloved teacher and role model, was also a clinician-scientist, a scholar who promoted life-long self-learning, a widely respected and admired colleague and a personal friend and mentor. We have known Professor Todd as a teacher in the 1950s and a colleague in the 1960s. We and others, who had shared similar experience, benefited tremendously from these associations. Sir David will be remembered for his kindness, generosity, consideration, integrity, humanitarian spirit, leadership and unwavering professionalism. We dedicate Schubert’s “An die Musik” by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau at in memory of his fondness of music.

Moira M.W Chan-Yeung and David Po-Him Yeung
MBBS 1962

My beloved and most respected Prof Todd,

It is my privilege to be one of your student. Every encounter with you were still deep in my fond memories. I miss you.

Rest in peace.


Our Respectful Professor Todd,

You dedicated your life to medicine and teaching.
We all miss you.
May you rest in peace.
Fung Kwok Hay

Prof Todd's teachings and spirit will stay with us forever and we shall pass it on.

May God rest the soul of our loving Prof in peace.
Theresa Leung
Medicine 1988

You are the most respectable professor of our times. You have taught more than medical knowledge. You will be always fondly remembered.
Poon Shik Lun

Dear Prof Todd

You are the role model for generations of medical profession. It is my honour that I was taught by you.

Rest in peace!

Mok Kin Ying

Mok Kin Ying
Medic 85

Professor Todd is a shining inspiration in the field of Medicine. Above all he had touched the lives of so many with his generosity of heart, caring and subtle kindness.
To reprise Professor Todd's own reminiscences on his high school headmaster, he will be “.......remembered with much gratitude and great affection” (“To Serve and to Lead” hkupress)
Gregory Man and Helen Ng

Prof. May your spirit be eternalized by your faithful and loving students to inspire future generation of doctors. With Loving Memories.
IP Wei Chung

Remember the spirit learnt from Prof. David Todd, medicine should be provided according to one's social status, this is the medical humanity inherited by HKU Faculty of Medicine.
Steven Ho

Professor Todd has been my mentor ever since my clinical years in medical school, through my training years at UMU as houseman, registrar and eventually cardiologist before I emigrated to Canada, and continuing through my many visits to Hong Kong in the last 30 years. Not only did he train all of us to be excellent physicians, researchers and teachers, but he also instilled in us the sense of responsibility as leaders and advocates for the less privileged in society. I am very proud to let all my colleagues in Canada know I graduated from the University of Hong Kong and I am very fortunate that within our heart centre we have two other HKU medical school graduates, also students of Professor Todd, contributing to teaching and patient care here. Professor Todd will always be remembered dearly in our hearts.
William K K Hui

Dear Professor Todd,
I felt that not having truly excelled in medicine nor having the privilege of working amongst the elites at QMH after my graduation would likely disqualify me from writing this message. However, I am compelled to do so that other people may know how much you have meant to another ordinary student like me!
You have always been the kind of physician I have hoped to emulate. Your pursuit of excellence, your impeccable ways in life and your warm genuine compassion to your patients, peers, and students alike have shown the true giant that you really are. You and Professor Young were the persons I have heard so much about from my parents, and have learn to respect and revere. I can never even drum up the courage to talk with you during my student days. However, when I visited HK years after my graduation and requested a meeting with you, you were so kind, and asked me about my family. I am really very sad to see you go. Our world has truly lost a wonderful human being with a giant heart who will be well remembered by thousands whom you have deeply touched!
John Wu

Dear David, we miss you! We met first in Bayreuth/Germany in 1967 and from this time we shared the love for the Music of Richard Wagner - but we shared also a lot of other wonderful days in Hongkong or in Germany. A non-professional deep personal friendship we estimated so much. We will never forget you and your so human and wise character. May your beloved music of Parsifal (and the prayer in it!) accompany you to eternity. Yours forever Rudi and Karin
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schmid and Dr. Karin Martens-Schmid

Dear Professor Todd,

We miss you as a giant in medicine, a scholar and a teacher teaching not only medical skills but also care of patients . Most of all, you are a real gentleman.
May you rest in eternal peace.

Au Tak Kwan

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