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Dear Professor Todd,
Thank you for everything you have given me. You have been my teacher, my mentor, my advisor, and my close friend. Both myself and my family are indebted to you. You have taught me the art of medicine in the most fulfilling way. You have taught me humility that none of my other mentors ever did. Through you, not only have I learned to be a doctor to treat everyone of my patients with the deepest respect that they deserve, but I have also learned to become a compassionate person, to accept my deficiencies and learn from my mistakes. You have also given me a chance to fulfill my dream to do clinical research. Your smile is genuine and contagious and you give all of us that calming effect during ward rounds that despite our lack of knowledge and clinical experience, we learned to discuss the case with the team around bedside with little hindrance and fear. We learned it's alright to say the wrong thing. Those ward rounds are precious and even today I have vivid memories as well as dreams about them. May you rest in peace, my Professor of all Professors.
Henry Pan

We were greatly saddened to hear of the recent passing of our friend and colleague Professor Sir David Todd. The tributes to his remarkable accomplishments which have made unprecedented advances to patient care and medical research and education in Hong Kong have already been made by others. We look back to the time when we were all medical students at HKU and appreciate that he far surpassed the enormous promise he showed even at that time. In his more recent retirement years after returning to Hong Kong from Cambridge, we enjoyed monthly reunion lunches with others from our class, which David used to attend. He maintained a keen intellect but such was his humility he always made you feel he was just your contemporary and friend David, rather than a giant of Hong Kong medicine. Our numbers grow fewer with the passing years and we will miss him but he has left a lasting legacy for all. May he rest in peace.
Drs Ramon and Irene Ruiz (Dr Irene Osmund)

達爺離世前的那個星期天,溫哥華天色晴朗,空氣清新.列治文的天主聖堂外觀宏偉,數百信徒出席彌撒.吸引這非教徒的我,不是用廣州話的福音,或照射在牆壁上的繁體經文,也不是四周彷在香港的人羣,而是釘上耶穌基督的十字架,震撼著我的心靈,是 〔付出〕 和 〔感恩〕.


〔後記〕 幾天後死訊傳來,認識他的人,不禁同聲一哭,希望他永遠在天主的懷抱裡安息.

Farewell to Uncle David

The flight to HK from Singapore with my father , Dr / Prof CHEW Chin Hin 1955 , was the most difficult one & the one after to Manchester was just so .
Bidding farewell to Uncle David , Sir David , was and is not easy . He was special to me , my mother , Anna HUI Woon Chuen - 1955 , and to many others too In countless & various ways .
Gentleman , medical stalwart , music connoisseur of the classical , pioneer .. man of God .
What you would say , a tough act to follow .
Plus , on a lighter note , he was also for numerous years my chocolate & dessert partner .

U David , we are privileged to have known you & stayed with / be taken care of by you on visits to Cambridge - such hospitality - as in HK .
Suppose we were always kids to you , now even at more than 50 !

We will meet again in Our Father ' s House

Chai Hong & Elaine ( CHEW ) CHEO
Elaine K S CHEW ( CHEO )

術體苦心杏林望重 功侔醫業橘井名留
Tsui I.S.

My flight to Hong Kong on 30th August 2017 was with a heart filled with sorrow and grief accompanied by my eldest daughter, Elaine, it was to bid farewell to our life long family friend, Professor Sir David Todd, and to proffer personally (CCH) and privately our heartfelt condolences to David's brother Jonathan and his family, on behalf of the Chew family, his dear friends and the medical fraternity of Singapore. It was heartening to attend the memorial and committal service the next day and to hear David's choice of scriptures, music and hymns.
David has been especially dear to us for decades, especially to my wife, Anna since Lingnan Medical School days in Canton after WW2 in 1945, coming to HKU together in 1947 with 3-4 others to join the first post war class. My friendship began in 1949 when I joined HKU Medicine. Indeed he was a true and faithful friend.
His enormous contributions in Medicine to Hong Kong have been documented by the Dean and many others. He always had an interest to contribute to our medical education and training in Singapore. He was our first visiting Distinguished Academician in 1974, then holding a personal chair before succeeding to the Headship of Medicine, lecturing and teaching our undergrads and postgrads. He visited us on numerous occasions, attending our Congresses and served as external examiner. He was conferred the Singapore Academy's honorary fellowship (Hon FAMS) and was a Seah Cheng Siang Memorial Lecturer. He contributed to a masterly article on Continuing Medical Education to our Academy's Annals, the basis of our mandatory continuing medical education program in Singapore from the 90s. It was his foresight to bring the MRCP UK Examination to Hong Kong as President of the Hong Kong College of Physicians in the mid 80s. 10 years later, Singapore had a similar joint collaboration with RCP UK.
David was a man of letters and literature and lover of classical music, visiting the concert halls in Europe regularly in earlier years. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote ‘gentleness and cheerfulness, these come before all morality - they are the perfect duties’ David was a unique, gentle man always cherishing these values while ministering to his patients with gentleness, compassion and care. He enriched all his friends and many others.
To Jonathan, Eric, Jacqueline, Evan, Joanna, Adrian, Tasha and all who mourn, our heartfelt condolences again. We all love him.

Professor Chew Chin Hin MBBS 1955
Master Academy of Medicine Singapore, 1973 - 1975

Chew Chin Hin / Anna Hui Woon Chuen
1949 - 1955

Dear Professor Sir David Todd,
Words seem so inadequate. You are the greatest teacher that I've ever met. Very lucky to be one of your student. My prayers and thoughts are with you. May you rest in Peace.
Chak chi-wah, Warren

It's an honour and luck to know you and be taught by you, Dr Todd.
We shall always remember you.

Mok Kam Hung 1964 Morrisonian
Mok Kam Hung

Dear David,

It seems like yesterday when you were still a final year medical student and, I, a House Paediatrician. I had the honour of demonstrating to you and your group how to do a “cut-down” to get a vein for intravenous drip infusion via a baby patient’s leg. Not that I realised what an honour it was, for who could predict the magnificent heights you would achieve.

Thank you so much for your wonderful company all these years, especially during our slow-boat adventure to England to obtain British qualifications that we were obliged to take to further our careers.

I've always admired how your vision and leadership led to the collaboration with UK colleges that put Hong Kong's medical education on the world map, and ensured others did not have to make the sacrifices that were required of our generation. What a legacy, and yet it is but one of many.

Sir David, we miss you all ready. Rest in peace, dear friend.

With much love.
Stella Pak-ngor Ho (何柏娥) and son Anthony Mak (麥信安)

" Thou thy worldly task hast done,
Home art gone and ta'en thy wages"

Your wages: fondest memory cherished by generations of doctors and their strife to serve their patients in your mode. Rest in Peace, my most respected Professor
Gabriel Chung

Dear Professor Todd,
Legends say hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. Like a hummingbird, you open our eyes to the wonder of the world and inspire us to open our hearts to loved ones, friends and patients. We aspire to hover and to savor each moment as it passes, embrace all that life has to offer. Your grace reminds us that life is rich and every personal connection has a meaning. You are a great teacher, physician scientist and fatherly figure for all those who are lucky to have encounter with you.

In Loving Memory

Gone, yet not forgotten,
Although we are apart,
Your spirit lives within me,
Forever in my heart.

All these years!
Chung Wai Ming , William

On behalf of the Children's Thalassaemia Foundation, thank you for being an international advisor to the Foundation. Your tremendous contribution to molecular biology and genetics and your ground-breaking work on thalassaemia has brought profound relief to the needy thalassaemia major patients. Your legacy will live on forever. May you Rest in Peace.
Children's Thalassaemia Foundation

We all remember your kindness to all your students and colleaques.

Dear Professor Sir David Todd:
You were an inspiring teacher to me when I was a medical student, and an exemplary mentor when I was an UMU house officer. You showed us how to be a compleat physician. After I left HK for further training overseas, I was happy to see you once in a while when you visited the US; you never failed to give me advice and encouragement on these occasions. In the last 30+ years, whenever my wife and I returned to HK, we tried to meet up with you to catch up with each other and with the latest news of our alma mater. We are grateful that you, and your former trainees turned HKU professors, have elevated HKU School of Medicine to be among the top medical schools in the world. As a gesture of appreciation to the HK medical community, I participated in various grant review and award committees, and learned only afterwards that you were the founding father for most, if not all, the organizations that were involved in such activities in HK.
HKU and the world medical science community have lost a giant; we will all miss you!

Lawrence Chan 陳 展 邦
MBBS 1966; DSc 1993; DSc (hon) 2010

More than 36 years have passed since my encounter with Professor Todd in the final MB examination. I suppose I can be pardoned for not remembering much. But there is one thing I remembered vividly, his kind smile, the kindness that instantaneously calmed a naturally apprehensive candidate. That encounter must have had an impact on my brief tenure as a pathology professor, first in Einstein and then in City of Hope. In retrospect, that’s very much the same way I interacted with medical students, residents, fellows and junior faculty. These are all the cream of cream and it is not my job to handle them roughly, remembering to first do no harm. Of course, Prof. Todd is not only kind, but also an example and a giant for us to clamper onto; a subject better qualified friends and colleagues are sure to elaborate. For me, however, I want to continue to be kind, as guided by my Professor.
唐舜荣 Sun-Wing Tommy Richard Tong

We are sad to learn of the passing of Prof. Sir David Todd. He was a staunch member and supporter of the United Kingdom Chapter of the Hong Kong University Alumni (HKUAAUK) since its inception in 1999, and had been most generous to us all in the UK. His wise counsel, humble, gentle and congenial manner in dealing with people left the deepest impressions and earned much respect from all, be they medical alumni or not. He became a mentor to us all. We missed him when he relocated from Cambridge to Hong Kong, and we will now see him no more.

Our most sincere condolences to the family and may Prof. rest in peace.

For and on behalf of HKUAAUK
Ronald Lo

Professor Todd is a mentor, friend, role model and a caring, compassionate gentleman who will be sorely missed.
Samuel So

Professor Todd you'll be in my heart and mind always as a most kind, caring and supportive teacher and mentor. You have never given up this delinquent student of yours. As a result you have shaped my career path as I have tread today. Thank you for all your steady encouragement and teachings. I am blessed to have received them in my formative years. As you travel into the next stage this journey of existence, I wish you all the blessings from God. I know one day we will meet, in heaven, when we'll enjoy life everlasting together.
Alfred Tam

Condolences from the Class of 1958. We were indeed very proud and fortunate to have him as our teacher. He will remain in our hearts.
Class of 1958

Professor Todd,
We are forever grateful for your teaching and inspired by your exemplary life. You are sadly missed and fondly remembered.
May you Rest In Peace .
Eric Ho Angela Yam

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