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Bachelor of Nursing (BNurs) 4-year curriculum

The Bachelor of Nursing (BNurs) is a four-year full-time programme leading to an honours degree of the University. Its objective is to provide a comprehensive and holistic nursing education programme which strives to achieve professional excellence in nursing education.

The credit-based curriculum is broad-based and multi-disciplinary, and is designed to introduce the bio-psycho-social aspects of health and nursing care. It provides a balance between the broad areas of nursing, biological, behavioural and social sciences. It enables students to obtain knowledge through the study of different disciplines, and to develop an inquiring mind, interpersonal skills and an understanding of the socio-cultural context in which nursing is practised in Hong Kong. The curriculum also integrates different nursing components in order to train generic nurses who can work in different health care settings.

The degree programme emphasizes the integration of theories and practice. Students are exposed to a variety of clinical environments throughout the course. Experiential learning of clinical skills is under the supervision of experienced teaching staff. The process of teaching and learning is directed by nursing academics in the Faculty with a wide range of expertise, supported by the excellent facilities in various departments of the Faculty, particularly those of the Queen Mary Hospital.

The curriculum includes various courses in each year, so as to prepare students to be capable of working in different settings. The main areas covered are Nursing Core Courses, Nursing Care of Specialized Populations, Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Practice, Foundations in Nursing Research, Nursing Electives, Nursing Practica, Life Sciences and Behavioural Sciences. This curriculum structure allows maximum longitudinal and lateral correlation between courses. The teaching and learning strategies facilitate integration of theoretical knowledge, and the application of learning to nursing practice.

Programme Design Programme Structure
There are a total of 43 courses running throughout the four years. Among these courses, 30 belong to core courses and 7 are practicum courses which aim at preparing students to be competent practitioners. There are also 1 elective course, 3 language courses and 2 common core courses, which altogether make up a total of 240 credits to be taken for the entire curriculum. FIELD OF STUDY Allocation of Credits
Year I Year II Year III Year IV
Basic/Medical and Surgical Nursing 21 21 6 6
Basic/Medical and Surgical Nursing 21 21 6 6
Life Sciences & Clinical Pharmacology 12 18 - -
Professional Issues - - 3 3
Management & Leadership - - - 6
Specialty Nursing - - 21 12
Nursing Elective - - - 6
Clinical Practicum 6 21 21 21
General Studies 15 6 - -
TOTAL: 60 60 60 60

The Faculty also offers two undergraduate part-time Bachelor of Nursing programmes for Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses. For more details, please refer to the following links: