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Leong Che-Hung Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Leadership


The ‘Leong Che Hung Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Leadership’ at The University of Hong Kong pays tribute to our alumnus, former professoriate colleague and past Council Chairman, Dr the Hon Leong Che Hung, a leader who created multi-faceted lasting contributions to HKU and Hong Kong society over the past half-century.   Over 110 donors from across disciplines and professions have afforded the University the occasion to create this academic legacy in Dr Leong Che Hung’s honour in perpetuity.

Ever since the relaunching of the Endowed Professorship Scheme in 2005, this is the first time that over one hundred donors were involved in support of one honouree.  A total of HK$20 million was raised through six fundraising luncheons from January to June 2018.  The donation was matched dollar for dollar by the University, which comes to a total of HK$40 million as an endowment. To celebrate the establishment of the Leong Che-Hung Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Leadership, a Dedication Ceremony was held at University Lodge at The University of Hong Kong on October 31, 2018.

Through the Professorship that will attract and bring about world scholars with top distinction in academic and community leadership to the campus, the University aspires to provide opportunities for teachers and students to interact with top scholars at the forefront of their respect disciplines, enhance its visibility in the international academic community; and foster invaluable links with leading institutions. 

“University education is more than adding knowledge or engaging in vocational training.  It encompasses the preparation of young people to meet the myriad of the challenges in society, and to take up leadership roles.  This Distinguished Visiting Professorship will inspire students to excel in both.”

Dr The Honourable Leong Che-Hung