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Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2018

Professor Richard Yuen Man-fung, Clinical Professor of the Department of Medicine Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, and his team won the Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Award in 2018. On the team were: from the Department of Medicine, Dr Kevin Liu Sze-hang, Associate Consultant, Dr Walter Seto Wai-kay, Clinical Associate Professor, Dr Danny Wong Ka-ho, Assistant Professor, Dr Wong Siu-yin, Consultant, Dr Michael Cheung Ka-shing, Resident Specialist, Mr John Yuen, Mr Wu Chi-hang and Mr Charles Cheng Tze-kin, Senior Technical Officers; from the School of Public Health, Dr Joseph Wu Tsz-kei, Associate Professor and Dr Eric Lau Ho-yin, Assistant Professor; as well as Dr Loey Mak Lung-yi, Dr Michael Ko Kwan-lung, and Dr Elvis To Wai-pan, Residents of the Department of Medicine, Queen Mary Hospital.

The team’s project, “A population based study on the seroprevalence of viral hepatitis in Hong Kong”, provided the first and only comprehensive population-based study on the prevalence of viral hepatitis A to E in Hong Kong since the introduction of the universal hepatitis B vaccination programme in 1988. Although viral hepatitis is a notifiable disease in Hong Kong, accurate data was difficult to obtain due to inherent biases. The results of the study were crucial to 1) determine changes in epidemiology from hepatitis A to hepatitis E, 2) determine the effectiveness of the universal hepatitis B vaccination programme, 3) assess the potential burden of occult hepatitis B, and 4) future healthcare budgeting.

The Faculty KE Award was established in 2011 with the aim to encourage Faculty members to share the fruits of their research and teaching with the wider community. This annual award accords recognition to Faculty members who have made distinguished KE achievements and promotes knowledge exchange between the Faculty and community members, businesses, industries and partner organisations for the benefit of the society.