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Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2013

Established in 2011, the Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Award aims to recognise our Faculty Members’ outstanding KE accomplishments through exchanging quality knowledge on their research or in teaching and learning of the University with the community, business/industry or partner organisations and thus, benefitting the society at large. The Haematology Protocol Handbook, under keen competition, won the Faculty KE Award 2013. Led by Professor Kwong Yok-lam, Chui Fook-Chuen Professor in Medicine and Chair Professor of the Department of Medicine, the project was jointly developed by the Haematology Team of the HKU Department of Medicine and Queen Mary Hospital.

In view of the seriousness of blood cancers and diseases and the complication of drugs, theHaematology Protocol Handbook features the most up-to-date investigation strategies, treatment protocols, drug dose and side effects. It serves as an excellent exchange of new experience and reference for medical practitioners and patients. To ensure that these protocols can be widely available, the protocol book has also been converted into an iPhone/ iPad app as well as an online website (