Important Notes to Graduand

  1. Graduands must arrive at the Hall 3DE, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre by 11:30am to attend a briefing and rehearsal on December 17, 2017.
  2. Admission to the Ceremony is restricted to admission ticket holders only.
  3. All graduands will be presented on stage. You are required to bring a full set of academic dress and to ensure proper attire is worn together with the academic regalia. No academic dress will be available on the Ceremony. Graduands who are not in full academic dress will NOT be presented on stage.
  4. All graduands will be seated in different zones according to their programmes and will be invited onto the stage in a programme-specific sequence.  Graduand who arrives at the venue after his/her programme is presented to the Presiding Officer will NOT be presented on stage separately and will NOT be allowed to go onto the stage.
  5. Latecomers will not be admitted after the Ceremony has started until a suitable juncture.
  6. Children under the age of six will not be admitted.
  7. Professional photographers will take photos when graduands are presented on stage.  All photos taken by official photographers will be uploaded to the Faculty’s website for downloading (from January 15, 2018 to April 15, 2018).  Individual request for photos will not be entertained thereafter.