Walk to Care  徒步千里 踏出關愛

What makes one person want to journey 1,000 kilometres on foot?

Mr Sin Shui Fuk says he is doing this in order to encourage men to show more love and care towards their partners when they are struggling with illness.

Most people will know Mr Sin as one of the first local Hongkonger to have completed the four Deserts Race Series – four 250-kilometre races across deserts around the world. However, Mr Sin has once suffered from Hepatitis B and during his illness, he noticed that whilst women would devote a lot of love and care towards their other halves, women received much less attention when they were sick, as he saw while caring for his wife when she was hospitalised. Mr Sin thinks that women and men should not only have equal opportunities in society, but there should be reciprocity in terms of the expression and sharing of love and care, especially during times of illness.

By walking 1,000 kilometres, Mr Sin aims to raise funds for Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, to support research on ways to optimise well-being for cancer patients; and also in response to the United Nations HeForShe campaign to spread the gender balance message. His mission is to complete the 1,000 kilometres in a series of races taking place in Hong Kong, France, Namibia and Sri Lanka in one year’s time.

At the end of November 2015, Mr. Sin prepared for the quest by completing a challenging 88-kilometre training race in Hong Kong. We hope you will show your support to his cause and follow his progress!