Virtual Expo for Undergraduate Admissions 2020

Get a glimpse of life as an undergraduate student at HKUMed in this virtual expo, where you can access a wide array of information about our programmes and admissions.

Don't forget to also mark our Virtual IDay on 31 October 2020 (Sat) on your calendar, where you have the chance to interact with our representatives and get your questions addressed directly!

Details of the HKUMed Virtual Expo and IDay for Undergraduate Admissions are as follows:

Virtual Expo
26 Oct 2020 (Mon) 10:00am -
04 Jan 2021 (Mon) 6:00pm
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1. Visit virtual booths with information on:

  • individual programmes 
  • general admissions information
  • student life
  • the Faculty

2. Access essential materials including the prospectus

3. Schedule virtual meeting sessions with admissions tutors/student ambassadors*

Virtual IDay
31 Oct 2020 (Sat)
9:00am - 6:00pm
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Live webinars & live chats
(scroll down for webinar schedule)


*You can schedule 1-on-1 consultation sessions with our admissions tutors/student ambassadors at the Expo starting from 26 Oct 2020 (Mon). First-come-first-served!

Get a glimpse of the potential that your undergraduate career holds.

Upcoming Activities
Date Activity
Week of 23 Nov
to 11 Dec

Mock e-MMI sessions

Experience this year’s new interview format to best prepare for the e-MMI.

Details and registration information have been sent to schools. (Registration quota is now full.)

07 Nov 2020 (Sat)


Virtual Simulation Lecture

Step into the shoes of a year 1 nursing student as you enter safe virtual simulation environments that allow you to explore best practices in providing safe and high-quality care to patients while cultivating skills of critical thinking and problem-solving along the way.

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Virtual Simulation Workshop 

Working with a coach from our School of Public health, you will learn more about crisis management strategies and complex decision making that the World Health Organization (WHO) and governments face in times of an outbreak!

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