Student Wellness
Peer Supporter Programme

Peer supporters (同行者) can make a difference!

☺ Are you willing to support your friends and fellow classmates when they are in need?
☺ Do you want to become a good companion to go through emotional ups and downs with them? 
☺ Do you want to help promote mental health awareness and psychological wellness among your peers?
☺ Are you ready to co-create a positive learning culture in HKUMed?

The Peer Supporter Programme aims to equip our students with knowledge and skill to support each other mentally throughout the study journey in HKUMed. Two rounds of programme will be organised annually by the Student Wellness Team and supported by professional trainers. Students are invited to stay tuned to our email invitations for sessions schedule and registration. 

The programme includes:

  • Peer support and counselling skill training (2 hours);
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Standard Course (12 hours);
  • Supervised voluntary services/peer support practices (10 hours); and
  • Organisation of one wellness event (around 5 hours).

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will:

☺ become a Peer Supporter in HKUMed 
☺ be certificated as a Mental Health First-Aider
☺ fulfil your requirement to complete the exploratory learning activity of Medical Humanities Option if the Peer Supporter Programme is relevant to the workshop you take (for MBBS students). Here is the list of relevant workshops for your reference.   

*For other possibilities of how that the Peer Supporter Programme might be of fit as an exploratory learning activity for workshops not listed, feel free to contact Dr. Nicolette Ray or the Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit team for further consideration. 

All HKUMed undergraduate students are welcome to join the programme, and together we hope to co-create a supportive culture that supports mental and psychological wellness in the HKUMed community.

‘Our medical curriculum focuses heavily on biological health and has a smaller emphasis on the importance of mental wellbeing. This Mental First Aid training has filled those gaps and equipped me with the knowledge and confidence needed when approaching potentially mentally troubled individuals.’

- Lester Kwan, M26 

‘Mental health is increasingly important in our society. The Peer Supporter Programme equipped us the appropriate ways to support our peers or even our future patients, at the same time enable us to gain understanding in the field of mental health. After all, we are more empathetic to people with mental health illness.’

- Vincent Chan, M25

‘I have learnt about how to approach people with mental illness. Certain expressions should be avoided, while there are ways which can show our care to them. I am now more confident in aiding those with need and instilling hope in them.’

- Mike Chan, M24

For enquiries, please feel free to contact Ms Flora Chu at