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Deciphering the Signalling Mechanism of the Wnt/PCP Pathway

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☑ MPhil/PhD ☒ MRes[Med] ☒ URIS

Wnt/planar cell polarity (Wnt/PCP) signalling is a critical mechanism that conveys directional information to orchestrate polarized cell behaviours in a broad range of morphogenic and physiological processes. Disruption or aberrant activation of Wnt/PCP signalling underlies a variety of developmental defects and cancer malignancy. However, in contrast to the well-understood canonical branch of Wnt signalling (Wnt/ß-catenin signalling), the signalling mechanism of Wnt/PCP pathway remains largely elusive, which severely hampers our capacity to manipulate it therapeutically. We use molecular, biochemical, cellular and genetic approaches to investigate signalling mechanisms of Wnt/PCP pathway and their functions in normal developmental processes and human diseases.

Example projects in near future:

  1. identify Wnt/PCP-specific signalling events by employing advanced proteomic approaches to characterize the dynamic interactome of core PCP proteins in response to Wnt ligands
  2. investigate how core PCP asymmetry is established by using genetically engineered mouse models for proteomic and phenotypic analysis

Dr B Gao, School of Biomedical Sciences


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