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Research Postgraduate Student Exchange

Suspension of Academic Exchange Programme in 2020-21

The global public health situation remains unstable, with little sign of improvement in the early part of 2021.

The University has decided to cancel all physical outbound and inbound student exchange in the academic year of 2020/21.

Please refer to the COVID-19 Updates from HKU International Affairs Office for details.

The Research Postgraduate Student Exchange Scheme, as well as its associated funding scheme, were established with the aim to encourage student exchange activities.  The Scheme allows students, through conducting part of their research projects at a partner institution overseas, to increase their international exposure and acquire advanced knowledge and research techniques complementary to those available at HKU.

RPg students who are interested in joining the Scheme should first discuss with their supervisors to explore such opportunities. Faculty members who have established collaborations with researchers at overseas institutions are also encouraged to identify suitable RPg students for research exchange.

Proposals for research exchange at overseas institutions which are not exchange partners with the faculty will also be accepted provided that agreement is obtained from the proposed partner institutions on the terms of the Scheme, including a waiver of tuition fees for HKU students on exchange.


Applications for the Scheme should be submitted to the Faculty Office at least 3 months before the proposed commencement date. The Faculty Higher Degrees Committee will consider applications regularly.

A completed recommendation form should be submitted along with a research plan of the proposed exchange study covering the aims/objectives, background, methodology, expected outcomes/values, timetable (an outline of the research plan which demonstrates how the exchange fits into the MPhil/PhD study timeframe), and why the research needs to be done overseas.

Students are reminded that they are requested to stay at HKU in the last 6 months of their candidature when planning exchange activities.