Sorting sequences allows students to think of a process in chronological order and then to further understand why certain things happen the way they do.

  • Prepare a series of facts, diagrams, etc. that have some order to them. E.g. physiological processes, clinical procedures, diagnosis flow charts, etc.
  • Place each statement in separate strips of paper and place them in an envelope.

Note: If this activity is to be done online, use Moodle Quiz to set up questions and sorting elements prior to the class session. Click here for an example.

  • Put students in groups.
  • Distribute a set of sequences to sort, to each group.
  • Walk around the class to guide students when necessary.
  • Ask students to display their sorted sequences. There are a few suggested ways to doing this:
    1. take a picture of their sorted sequences and post onto a shared class document;
    2. share verbally;
    3. allow students to walk around the class to compare their answers with other groups; and / or
    4. get students to explain the rationale where appropriate.

Note: If this activity is to be done online, use Zoom Breakout Rooms to divide student cohort into smaller discussion groups. Student groups should then access Moodle Quiz for this activity (which is set up prior to the class).

  • Provide the correct answer and explain / ensure the whole class agrees on a correct sequence order.
  • Address any questions / misconceptions that arose during the activity.