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Guidelines on Interactive Sessions

Face-to-face / online interactions are key components of blended learning. While some short and quick interactions can occur during face-to-face or online live lectures (e.g. polling & quizzing), dedicated interactive sessions (e.g. online tutorial, interactive forum) provide invaluable opportunities for students to integrate their knowledge and synthesise ideas, while being scaffolded by instant feedbacks from their peers and their teachers.

Typically, students gain first exposure to the learning content through face-to-face / online lectures and readings, followed by self-assessments and online forums which help them check or correct their understandings. These activities are good places for you to learn more about your students before you have interactive sessions with them, so as to meet them exactly where they are.

Some sources of learning data are:

  • Video learning analytics (overall engagement)
  • Online forum discussion (frequently asked questions or misconceptions)
  • Log data of self-assessment questions (common mistakes)

Interactive sessions can be made more effective by using different applications that support live polling and quizzing (e.g. Mentimeter, Kahoot). These applications can be used in conjunction with Zoom for online interactive sessions.

For support in accessing learning data and planning of interactive sessions, please contact:

HKUMed E-learning Instructors
Dr Mei Li Khong / Dr Enoch Chan

Active learning strategies can be employed in interactive sessions to enhance student learning and engagement. Please check out some examples below.