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Being a medical school, the twinned mission of education and innovation must remain at our core. The Faculty will continue to remain intently focused on our core mission and our attention is trained on good clinical governance of the institutions with which we partner. We also engage in direct service provision, in order to expand our patient base thereby providing opportunities for high quality clinical research in a wider spectrum of diseases and clinical conditions.

In addition to western allopathic inpatient facilities, HKU Health System plans to sharpen its expertise in integrative medicine through standardisation of best clinical governance practice and more robust risk management with respect to the Chinese Medicine outpatient clinics for which our School of Chinese Medicine is responsible. Under the Associate Dean (Clinical Affairs) portfolio, we have successfully recruited our first Clinical Director (under the appointment as Clinical Professor of Practice) and a small but critical team of health care management specialists who will be steering the establishment of HKU Health System.

The organisational framework of the HKU Health System can be categorised into the following branches of service.

Affiliate Teaching Hospitals

Queen Mary Hospital (QMH)

Established in 1937, Queen Mary Hospital is a major acute hospital in the Hong Kong West Cluster (HKWC) of the Hospital Authority (HA), serving a population of over 531,000 in the Central and Western and Southern Districts as well as treating many patients in other geographical districts in Hong Kong. It provides a full range of acute and tertiary services, including 24-hour Accident and Emergency (A&E) services, in-patient services, ambulatory care and rehabilitation services, as well as specialist services covering a wide range of specialities and subspecialties for the residents.

Being the teaching hospital of the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of The University of Hong Kong, QMH is responsible for providing professional clinical training, pioneering innovative technology, and conducting clinical trials for new treatment modalities. Also, QMH serves as a tertiary and quaternary referral centre for many complex and advanced services such as organ transplant, neonatal intensive care, coronary care, burns and reconstructive surgery and neurosurgery, for the entire territory. Since July 2003, QMH has become the only designated liver transplant centre in Hong Kong to provide world-class standard liver transplant service. The A&E Department of QMH has been designated as one of the five trauma centres in the territory.

QMH was ranked the best hospital in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in 2018.

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HKU-SZ Hospital

The University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital (HKU-SZH) is a major comprehensive public hospital built by the Shenzhen municipal government with the introduction of modern management model by the University of Hong Kong. At a total capital cost of about 4 billion Yuan, the hospital has a total floor area of 367,000 square meters situated on 192,000 square meters of land. With 2000 beds currently in operation, the hospital has already commenced its second phase expansion project to increase the total bed complement to 3000 beds in accordance with government planning.

In 2015, the Hospital was accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards Committee (ACHS). In November 2017 it gained 3A Hospital Accreditation, the highest level possible in Mainland China.

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Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital

Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital (GHK), HKU's fourth major teaching hospital partner, is a state-of-the-art, multi-specialty private tertiary hospital designed to provide the Hong Kong people with high-quality and accessible healthcare services.

Currently, GHK provides 500 beds, cutting edge medical technologies and a comprehensive range of clinical services spanning more than 35 specialities and subspecialties.  As Hong Kong’s top-notch private teaching hospital, GHK also contributes to the training and development of healthcare professional and the advancement of clinical research.

The University of Hong Kong is the exclusive clinical partner of GHK and is responsible for clinical governance.

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Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital

Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital (HKSH) is our first private sector partner throughout the years.

Established in 1922, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital is one of the leading private hospitals in Hong Kong known for its high quality of patient care based on advanced knowledge, expertise and technology in the health care field. Presently, the Hospital has around 500 beds and more than 30 speciality centres, offering diagnostic and therapeutic services in a pleasant, comfortable and modern environment.

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Primary Care

Family Medicine

As a subsidiary of The Bank of East Asia Limited, U Care Hong Kong Medical Limited, provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services including panel outpatient services, pre-employment check-up, health screening program, third-party medical scheme administration, vaccination and health talk program. Of which, Blue Care Medical Centres are staffed by Family Doctors practising Family Medicine who provide care from infants to elderly and are trained to treat acute and chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, etc.

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Special Services

Assisted Reproduction Unit

The Reproductive Medicine Division of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology of HKU runs the HKU-QMH Centre of Assisted Reproduction and Embryology (HKU-QMH CARE), which is a treatment centre licensed by the Council of Human Reproductive Technology, Hong Kong. It aims to provide concerted and holistic care to couples with the problem of subfertility in one centre.

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Chinese Medicine Clinics

The School of Chinese Medicine of HKU has established eight Clinical Centres for Teaching and Research which provide integrated clinical services with Chinese Medicine practice, including internal medicine, acupuncture and bone-setting etc and serve as clinical practicum bases for Chinese Medicine students and Junior Chinese Medicine Practitioners. The School is committed to clinical training for practitioners and students, and to build a strong foundation in the development of education, medical care and research.

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Imaging Services

Positron Emission Tomography / Computed Tomography (PET/CT)

The HKU PET/CT Unit of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology started operation in April 2007 and has performed more than 20,000 examinations since then. The Unit has a state-of-the-art 64-slice PET/CT that is capable of performing PET/CT scans and serving as a 64-slice multi-detector CT. Apart from diagnostic work, the HKU PET/CT Unit supports research and collaboration in the field of PET/CT and radiation protection.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

The MRI Unit of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology has two MR scanners. The Unit supports diagnostic imaging services and serves as a core facility to support cutting edge MR imaging research.

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Ophthalmology Screening Centre

The Department of Ophthalmology of HKU has been established to promote the teaching and research of ophthalmology. The Private Clinic of the Department is a comprehensive clinic offering expert care in different sub-specialties in ophthalmology. All consultations are seen by specialists in their respective fields of ophthalmology.

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Pathology Services

The University Pathology Laboratory of the Department of Pathology, accredited by College of American Pathologist (CAP) provides cutting edge technologies for diagnosis and management of human diseases.

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Jockey Club Colon Cancer Prevention and Screening Programme

The HKU Endoscopy Centre has been set up for clinical research on prevention for colon cancer and serving the general public for colorectal cancer screening. Learn more about their services at:


Jockey Club Institute of Cancer Care

With the increasing prevalence of cancer in Hong Kong, more and more people are confronting the disease and receiving different types of treatments, including maintenance or prophylactic therapy. The pathway of rehabilitation of cancer survivors could be challenging because of the change of health status, lifestyle, career aspiration or family position. Indeed, the physical symptoms and emotional concerns may present significant barriers to good rehabilitation.

As such, and supported by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the LKS Faculty of Medicine of The University of Hong Kong has established the Jockey Club Institute of Cancer Care, with the aim of providing additional support on symptom relief and psychosocial support and survivorship care for cancer patients, their families and caregivers through state-of-the-art professional service and community resources referral.

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Our Team

Professor Joseph Lui
Associate Dean (Clinical Affairs)
Tel: 3917 9326

Professor Karen Lam
Senior Advisor to Associate Dean (Clinical Affairs)
Director of Clinical Operations, HKU Health System
Tel: 2255 4783

Dr Victoria Wong
Director, HKU Health System
Tel: 3910 2491

Professor Brian Lang
Assistant Dean (HKU Health System)
Tel: 2255 4232

Dr Frank Lam
Clinical Assistant Professor (CCID/Endoscopy)
Tel: 3917 9633

Dr Victor Chan
Assistant Registrar
Assistant Director (Finance and Business)
Tel: 3917 9087

Mr Dennis Fullgrabe
Assistant Registrar
Assistant Director (Clinical Governance)
Tel: 3917 9414

Ms Angela Cheung
Assistant Registrar
Assistant Director (Operation)
Tel: 3917 9906