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Endowed Professorships

Endowed Professorships

An Endowed Professorship is one of the most significant awards bestowed upon eminent academics within The University of Hong Kong. All professors at HKU are eligible to apply for the honour, which helps to support their academic and research activities.

The honour is created with a minimum donation of HK$10 million. The donation will then be matched by HKU to form a permanent endowment of at least $20 million. The perpetual income generated by this supports the designated academic area, which is specified by the donor.

Once the honour has been awarded in accordance with established HKU procedures, a Dedication Ceremony and an Inauguration Ceremony will be held in honour of the donors and the Endowed Professors.

The holder of an Endowed Professorship will carry his/her full title on all occasions: in all academic publications, news and international interactions, as well as on tailor-made stationery. The donor will have personal contact with the Endowed Professor and be kept updated on all academic achievements.

Endowed Professorships at HKUMed