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Intradermal mRNA COVID-19 Booster Vaccination in Immunocompromised Patients, an Open-Label Randomised Controlled Trial | 患有潛在免疫功能低疾病患者的皮內 mRNA COVID-19(復必泰)新冠疫苗加強劑接種,一項開放標籤隨機對照試驗

Content | 研究內容
  • This is an open-label randomised controlled study. Recruited subjects include adult subject ≥18 years. Eligible subjects will be randomly allocated (1:1) randomised into two groups. 
    • Group 1: a single full dose of intradermal (ID) Comirnaty (0.3mL)
    • Group 2: a single full dose of intramuscular (IM) Comirnaty (0.3mL)
  • IgG and micro-neutralisation antibody titres against the wildtype and variants will be assayed. Subgroup analysis of the T-cell function will be performed. Safety data will be assessed. 
  • We plan to recruit a total of at least 100 subjects (50 subjects in each group). 
  • All ID vaccine will be delivered via the MicronJet needle.
  • All 100 recruited subjects will be follow-up and assessed for a total of 28 days, 6 months and 12 months post vaccination for clinical efficacy, immunogenicity and safety. 
  • All 100 subjects will have blood taken at baseline, day 28 (+/- 2 days), 6 months (+/- 2 weeks) and 12 months (+/- 2weeks) after vaccination.
Venue | 地點

HKU Community Vaccination Centre at Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong

1/F, Tower A
Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong
1 Nam Fung Path
Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong



Enquiries | 聯絡研究團隊

If you have any further question about this study, please contact study nurse Ms Polly Pang at HKU Department of Medicine:


+852 6925 6281