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Combination of mRNA and Inactivated COVID-19 Vaccines, a Prospective Cohort Study | 接種mRNA和滅活的2019冠狀病毒病疫苗的混合組合,一項前瞻性群組研究

Combination of mRNA (Comiranty) and inactivated (CoronaVac) COVID-19 vaccination might improve the vaccine immunogenicity and safety when compare to vaccination with two doses of the same type of vaccine.

This study by HKU Department of Medicine targets to recruit 150 adult subjects 18 years or above and randomise to receive a single dose of of Comirnaty followed by a single dose of CoronaVac, or two doses of Comirnaty or two doses of CoronaVac. Subjects will be follow-up and assessed for a total of 1 year for vaccine immunogenicity and safety.



Content | 研究內容

The aim of this study is to investigate the immunogenicity profile of people getting vaccinated.

Volunteers will be required to:

  • Perform screening procedure by completing a simple health assessment 
  • Sign a consent and take blood and saliva tests for antibodies before proceeding to vaccination
  • Complete the vaccination diary after the first and second vaccination to monitor the adverse effects post-vaccination. We will follow-up on the adverse effects and immunogenicity of all vaccinees
  • Join a total of five blood and saliva tests:
  1. The day of 1st dose of vaccine
  2. The day of the 2nd dose of vaccine
  3. Four weeks after the 2nd dose of vaccine
  4. Half a year after the 1st dose of vaccine
  5. One year after the 1st dose of vaccine



  • 通過完成簡單的健康評估來執行篩查程序

  • 在進行疫苗接種前簽署同意書並進行血液和唾液檢測以檢測抗體

  • 在第一次注射疫苗及第二次注射疫苗後,填寫注射疫苗日記,以監察疫苗的副作用。我們會跟進及監察參與者對疫苗的反應及免疫力數據

  • 參加總共五次血液和唾液測試

  1. 注射第一劑疫苗當天
  2. 注射第二劑疫苗當天
  3. 注射第二劑疫苗之後的四個星期
  4. 注射第一劑疫苗的半年後
  5. 注射第一劑疫苗的一年後
Venue | 研究地點

The research will be carried out at the Community Vaccination Centre in Ap Lei Chau Sports Centre.

Eligibility | 參與資格

A sincere invitation to healthy volunteers to participate in this clinical study.

Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • 18-60 years old 
  • Non-smoker 
  • No uncontrolled long term illness 
  • No allergy history 
  • No history of diagnosis of COVID-19


  • 18-60歲
  • 非吸煙
  • 沒有不受控的長期病患
  • 沒有對任何疫苗或外來物質產生嚴重過敏反應
  • 未曾確診新冠肺炎
Enquiries | 聯絡研究團隊

If you have any further question about this study, please contact study nurse Miss Deborah Ho at HKU Department of Medicine:


+852 6067 1500
+852 6067 1500