The pandemic ushered in drastic changes our lives this past year; with the White Coat Ceremony cancelled, face-to-face teaching now a rare commodity, and clinical teaching near impossible to conduct – medical education and its many stakeholders have had to adapt quickly in these trying circumstances.

We are proud to present a two-part mini docuseries titled "Under the Pandemic: Our Story", documenting the struggles and feelings of our community under this "New Normal".



Part 1 上集

The coronavirus outbreak presented our community with many trials and tribulations this year – starting with an “imperfect” virtual White Coat Ceremony, the absence of campus life, to a series of unprecedented challenges in medical teaching – join us as we learn how our students and teachers have adapted to a “New Normal”, and are now striving for a “New Better”.


為消失的白袍禮而若有所失的新生、上莊體驗未完全的 Year 2 醫科生、為新形式教學費煞思量的教授⋯⋯疫症難擋,卻是個契機,讓教與學從傳統蛻變,換個新形式。

疫情下的我們,不是單單在接受 New Normal ,而是追求更卓越的 New Better 。

Part 2 下集

As we grapple with managing our social and physical distance with one another throughout the pandemic, medical educators and students alike have been presented a unique set of challenges: with bedside teaching and patient contact no longer possible, how could we maintain clinical education and uphold its professional standards?

In this second part of our mini docuseries, we explore how our community has worked tirelessly to ensure professionalism in medical education. No matter how turbulent the world has become, or how challenging the pandemic will continue to remain, our mission to protect the health of the Hong Kong people remains unchanged.


今集找來明年畢業的 Year 5 醫科生,分享失卻臨床課堂的擔憂;也請來老師介紹如何以科技求變;還有院長分享如何確保醫學教育的專業性⋯⋯