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Daily News - 28 January 2020

28 January 2020


South China Morning Post online: China coronavirus: Hong Kong medical experts call for ‘draconian’ measures in city as research estimates there are already 44,000 cases in Wuhan


The Standard online: Stringent measures against the new virus should be taken, HKU experts say,-HKU-experts-say


CNN: People need to be prepared for this to become a global epidemic: Hong Kong expert


BBC News: Coronavirus: Death toll rises to 82 as China extends holiday


AFP News: 'Draconian' travel curbs needed to halt spread of virus: scientists


Time: Wuhan Coronavirus Infections Could Be 30 Times Higher Than Official Total, Hong Kong Researchers Warn


The Straits Times: Wuhan virus: 'Draconian' travel curbs needed to halt spread, say scientists


The Washington Post: Number of cases may be higher than reported, experts say


Mail Online News: Governments must implement 'draconian' travel curbs to stop China's coronavirus becoming a global epidemic, scientists warn Coronavirus LIVE: First case of deadly virus confirmed in Sri Lanka as death toll at 81


Asia Times: Wuhan virus could infect 150,000 people a day


Hong Kong News: Hong Kong urged to strengthen anti-virus measures


The Publics Radio: UN health chief visits China to help with virus containment Real number of Wuhan coronavirus cases is 25,000 – expert


Down To Coronavirus: Expert fears global epidemic 'Draconian' travel curbs needed to halt spread of virus: Scientists


The New Humanitarian: Mapped: The rapid spread of the new coronavirus in China and beyond


Washington Examiner: 'Draconian measures' needed to stop coronavirus: Hong Kong doctors beg their leader to close Chinese border Coronavirus Is 'Accelerating' and Carriers Can Spread it Before They Have Symptoms


Newshub: Coronavirus: Estimated 44,000 cases in Wuhan alone - Hong Kong experts


News-Talk 1480 WHBC: Not a fan of Snakes? This may make you dislike them even more!


CCN: Dramatic Hong Kong Data Predicts Coronavirus Outbreak Infecting 150,000 Every Day Coronavirus Continues To Spread Outside China


Outbreak News Today: Taiwan reports 5th imported novel coronavirus case, HKU experts estimate more than 40K cases in Wuhan


CIDRAP: Experts: nCoV spread in China's cities could trigger global epidemic


無綫新聞:推算截武漢逾 2 染肺炎 計及潛伏期逾 4


無綫新聞::新型肺炎病毒繁殖率達 2.13 6.2 倍增


無綫新聞::封城策略對其他城市無 料疫情 6 始退卻


無綫新聞::封城策略對其他城市無 料疫情 6 始退卻


無綫新聞:本港新增 69 宗新型肺炎懷疑個案 有專家料病例四頂」


有線新聞:醫學院料內地五城現新型肺炎本爆發 港府或要擴限制境範圍


有線新聞:醫學院以新型肺炎病毒繁殖率計算 年初武漢已有 4 3 千多感染


有線新聞 Facebook預計重慶、廣州等五城市或爆肺炎本傳播


NOW 新聞:梁卓偉推算疫情持續四、五⽉⾒頂後回落


NOW 新聞:梁卓偉:港府採取的防疫措施絕對不


港電台 Facebook【港醫學院就新型肺炎發表實時預報記者會】現場直播


港電台中新聞醫學會估算武漢逾 4 受感染 整體疫情年中減退


港電台中新聞梁卓偉:圍堵策略不會期成功 需有後備案應付疫情


港電台中新聞推算武漢年初已有 25600 宗確診病例


港電台中新聞推算武漢病例或逾 4 萬宗 港封關應多幾步


港電台中新聞梁卓偉稱封關問題應多做幾步擴範圍 防患未然


商業電台即時新聞:梁卓偉推斷指武漢有超過 2.5 萬宗新型病毒確診個案


商業電台即時新聞:梁卓偉料新型冠狀病毒疫情 4 5 ⽉⾒






新城電台即時新聞:估算武漢超過 4 3 千宗新肺炎感染個案

01估算重慶疫情最嚴重 4 ⽉⾼峰期 15 萬患者


01梁卓偉指封關「未夠」要多步 惟實際操作難


01 3 宗確診 港府禁湖北居⺠⼊


01曾稱「戴罩無辦法講嘢」 梁卓偉凌晨發致歉


蘋果報網站4 ⽉⾼ 36 萬宗 梁卓偉促政府「前三步」守城


明報新聞網:梁卓偉:圍堵難期成功 倡推型專制措施


TOPICK.hket.com醫學院估算武漢約有 4.4 受感染 料疫情年中始消退




東網:梁卓偉料武漢 4.4 染新型肺炎 部分內地城市疫情 4 ⽉⾒


頭條報即時新聞梁卓偉料武漢確診個案逾 2.5 萬宗


眾新聞:數字武漢 698 宗確診 梁卓偉估算 2.56 萬宗


BBC Facebook


BBC 武漢肺炎:港專家估計逾 4 感染 5 頂」


RFI 法國國際廣播電台:武漢疫情前景? 港專家稱 4 感染年中減退 英專家稱 14 天內將突破 25


中央通訊社:醫學院:武漢肺炎估已逾 4 感染 今夏減退


聯合新聞網:醫學院:武漢肺炎逾 4 感染 整體疫情年中減退


天下雜誌 Facebook武漢肺炎峰還沒到


天下雜誌:警告: 武漢肺炎延燒到 5 ⼩⼼不發燒、不咳嗽的「隱形病


由時報英推算 10 感染 港分析 45


聯合早報:醫學院估算武漢約 4 受感染


多維新聞:醫學院估算:武漢逾 4 已感染