HKUMed on COVID-19

28 April 2020

Dr Siddharth SRIDHAR

Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Microbiology
Is COVID-19 an airborne disease?
Is there any vaccine for COVID-19?
Would the vaccine need to be strain-specific?
Linkage between temperature and coronavirus survival?
Treatment methods for asymptotic COVID-19 patient?
What is the role of ACEI for COVID-19 positive patients?
What is the status of Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19?

22 April 2020


Associate Professor
Division of Health Economics, Policy and Management
School of Public Health
Actionable advice for China, US and the Philippines?
Best practices from scientists and governments?
How do outbreaks affect women or men? Any difference between the genders?
How is health care affected during COVID-19?
How will COVID-19 affect health care? How much will this cost?
How will COVID-19 affect the way governments run universal health care?
How will people in Africa sustain a living during lockdowns?

15 April 2020

Professor Keiji FUKUDA

Director and Clinical Professor
School of Public Health
On cases of those testing positive yet discharged from hospitals
How did Korea control COVID-19 so well?
How should US reopen from the COVID-19 lockdown?
In a post lock down scenario, what is the way to protect seniors?
What are the considerations for India's exit policy of lockdown?

08 April 2020

Professor John NICHOLLS

Clinical Professor
Department of Pathology
About 5G and the coronavirus
Does the virus affect the lower respiratory areas of the body?
How certain are you that someone can be reinfected?
How long will the virus survive in the droplets without reaching a new host?
The list of symptoms seems to be increasing, are there new strains?
What is the antiviral treatment that has the best clinical effects?
What makes certain viruses any more pathogenic or contagious than others?
When you get over the illness COVID-19, do you still have the SARS-CoV-2 virus?
Where does the virus come from?
Why are teenagers less susceptible to the virus?

04 April 2020

Dr Brian CHUNG

Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
My children are complaining about washing their hands all the time...
Is it OK to go out for some exercise?
Do kids need to wear a mask every time they go outside?
(In Chinese Only) 新冠肺炎係咩?係咪好危險?幾時先會完?
(In Chinese Only) 唔戴口罩得唔得?點解要成日洗手/消毒玩具?點解公公婆婆唔嚟探我?留喺屋企好悶,有咩可以做?

02 April 2020

Professor YUEN Kwok-yung

Chair of Infectious Diseases
Department of Microbiology
Should masks be used by seemingly healthy people?
What is the one thing you would want US to do in the next three days?
What is the best advice with regards to surgical/respirator mask rationing?
Why do the majority of western countries still refuse to wear masks?

01 April 2020

Professor Benjamin COWLING

Head of Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
School of Public Health
Any idea when we can go outside freely?
Are masks an effective source control for coronaviruses?
Comments on the control measures by China, Taiwan, and other countries?
Is mask effective in preventing the novel coronavirus?
What advice do you have on keeping the elderly safe?
What are the various stakeholders in the quest to end the spread?
What is the difference between R₀ and the real-time transmission?

17 March 2020

Professor Gabriel LEUNG

Chair of Public Health Medicine
Dean of HKUMed
Should you be travelling during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Thoughts on the herd immunity proposal for fighting COVID-19?
What is the infectivity of children and why did COVID-19 spread on cruise ships?
What is the impact of COVID-19 on people with diabetes?