140 for 140: Great Minds for Grand Challenges
Dean's Message

University life is fundamentally about ideas: creating, challenging, transforming, and disseminating ideas, and thereby leading the world to a better future. To be a part of HKUMed is to be at the cutting edge of your chosen field in the life sciences, medicine and population health.

If universities are bastions of ideas, then professors are the pillars of those bastions; the thought leaders and guardians of its intellectual community. At HKUMed we bring together some of the most inspiring academic talent in the world, not to mention the research staff, support staff, student body, and community teams to match.

I see my role as providing a nurturing scholarly environment where we can continue to attract, train, retain, and develop the best talent available globally. I want colleagues and students to feel at ease to dare to dream big, brave failure, and ultimately find great success. 

HKUMed is the longest established institution of higher learning in Hong Kong. This is a heritage we are all proud of, even as we lead the way with technological advances and cutting-edge approaches that have allowed us to continue to produce impactful research, bring in necessary funding, and stay at the forefront of our respective fields.

Professor Gabriel M Leung
Dean of Medicine