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Life can be joyful and stimulating. But life can also be difficult and challenging. We've got your back when things get tough.

While a good chat with you best friend is great, talking to our student wellness counsellors, who are trained professional skilled at effective interventions, is a different experience that could help in other ways.

Seeing a counsellor does not show that you are weak, but instead that you are brave to face life's challenges and seek a way forward.

Our door is always open, so feel free to stop by!

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Non-office hours emotional support

To support all HKUMed undergraduate students and all faculty staff handling student crises during non-office hours, we have arranged a dedicated hotline, operated by the Christian Family Service Centre.

Please find the hotline details below:

3910 2751 

*Hotline staff will not disclose a student’s information to anyone, including the Student Wellness Team or other parties concerned in the faculty, without their formal consent.