Giving to HKUMed


The University of Hong Kong is committed to supporting the next generation of medical professionals and, through the generosity of a range of individuals and organisations, we are able to provide scholarships to support deserving students, giving them a chance to flourish. 


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A range of scholarships are available for current and prospective students. 


Entrance Scholarships (for prospective students)

The following scholarships are available to outstanding, prospective local and non-local students looking to pursue a full-time undergraduate degree. They are awarded based on students’ academic performances at their public examinations for admissions to HKU.

  • President’s Scholarship
  • Dean’s Scholarship
  • Second Chance Scholarship
  • Springboard Scholarship


Enrichment Scholarships (for current students)

The undergraduate curriculum emphasizes a student’s interdisciplinary knowledge, and encourages experiential learning outside the classroom. The Enrichment Scholarships can be used to help facilitate students’ participation in a variety of overseas learning activities, including academic exchange, study tours, internships, research fellowships, as well as service learning and humanitarian volunteer work.


Merit-based Scholarships

HKU offers merit-based entrance scholarships for top-ranking students who are admitted to our undergraduate programmes. These scholarships may be renewable to cover a student’s entire undergraduate study at HKU with the selection taking both academic merits and non-academic achievements into consideration.




Numerous prizes are offered by our generous donors to recognise and reward academic excellence at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Click here to learn more about how you too can contribute to our students' continued pursuit of new scholarly frontiers.