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Dean's Corner

Message from the Dean of Medicine

12 Jun 2019

Dear Students,

The Faculty is deeply concerned about the safety and wellbeing of those of you who may have joined the ongoing movement at Tamar, Admiralty.  We respect your views and your freedom to express them.

We also understand that some of you may have been volunteering as first aiders or providing care to those injured or hurt. Your humanitarian spirit deserves our appreciation.

Please take care to protect yourselves as much as possible given the circumstances.

We have set up a hotline (9727 0533) to assist those of you in need or in difficulty.  We will try our very best to assist you or put you in touch with those who may be best placed to do so.  Our team of Student Wellness Counsellors stands ready to provide timely support to all of you as needed.

Please keep calm, stay peaceful and act rational. Our prayers are with you all.


Gabriel Leung

Dean of Medicine

The University of Hong Kong