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The smallest of faults is often enough to destroy the most exquisite of plans.  Human development, which is one of the most exquisite of nature's plan, could go terribly wrong because of mutation in a minuscule gene.

Disturbances in development and growth cause many clinical disorders and reproductive problems are common. These disorders have long lasting effect extending throughout life with considerable economic and human impact.  The Centre for Reproduction, Development and Growth (CRDG) of the University of Hong Kong was established in 2004 with  the ultimate aim of contributing to the eradication of these disorders, through research excellence.

CRDG is an active and expanding research centre built on excellent track records and multi-disciplinary teams. Through cutting-edge research involving clinicians and scientists and an interdisciplinary environment, it strives to advance knowledge in human biology and medicine and work towards the eventual translation of these knowledge into clinical use and benefit the community.