Imaging & Flow Cytometry Core
Address: L6-11, 6/F, Laboratory Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam Hong Kong

Tel: 39177557


High resolution imaging and high throughput flow cytometry are both cutting edge research technology platforms extensively used in modern biomedicine research. The ability to image and define subcellular and molecular events involved in crucial biochemical pathways of normal physiological and disease processes; tracking migration and fate of different cell lineages during embryonic development monitoring of pathological event during disease progression; sorting, identification and characterization of progenitor stem cells present in normal and pathological tissues etc., will broaden the perspectives and horizons of biomedical research.

Imaging and Flow Cytometry Core (former Faculty Core Facility) of Centre for PanorOmic Sciences (CPOS), is a faculty-based imaging and cell sorting facility which provides centralized and expertise support to our colleagues requiring these advanced technology platforms in their research studies. It will enhance effective usage of resources and maximize the use of expensive instruments required for these advanced technology platforms.

Imaging and Flow Cytometry Core was established in 2010 and has been under CPOS since mid-August 2019. It will continue to serve as a training and development center for advanced imaging and cell sorting technologies. It is expected to further promote and facilitate multi-disciplinary research studies and collaboration among researchers within and outside the Faculty of Medicine. The diversified research projects of our investigators will also drive the advancement of these advanced technologies and contribute to the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine as a leader in the field of biomedical imaging and cell sorting.