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Frequently asked questions
Q: What do I need to do if I want to donate my body after I pass away?
A: You will need to register with the programme. You should discuss your decision with your family, especially your next of kin, and get their agreement. Then fill in the registration form and send it to us. When death occurs, your family will need to inform our programme.
Q: Will I receive any reward for the donation?
A: Your donation needs to be made freely and without stipulation. You will not receive financial reward. However, your donation will benefit many patients by contributing to medical education, training and research.
Q: Is there any cost involved in donating my body?
A: No, there is no cost involved.
Q: If I am already an organ donor, can I still donate my body to HKU?
A: Yes, you certainly can. Your wish to donate organs will not be affected. We will accept bodies which have some organs removed for donation.
Q: I have had surgeries before. Can I still donate my body?
A: Yes, we certainly accept donation from people who had surgeries before, basically any kind of surgery, including amputation.
Q: Do you ever refuse any donation?
A: We accept donations from donors who had different kinds of illnesses and surgeries. There is also no upper age limit for donations. However, we cannot accept donations from donors who have died of certain infectious diseases, e.g. SARS and AIDS, and those bodies which had undergone post-mortem examination.
Please note that registration for the Body Donation Programme does not guarantee acceptance of the body at the time of death. Should the programme find it necessary to reject a donation, the next-of-kin or executor will have to make alternative arrangements for the disposal of the donor’s remains.
Q: What do my family members need to do after my death?
A: They need to inform our programme at 3917 6334.
Q: Can the family hold a memorial service before the body is delivered to HKU?
A: Yes, if the family so wishes. The body can be delivered to HKU after a memorial service.
Q: What will happen to the donated body?
A: The body may be used soon after delivery to HKU or it may be preserved for longer term studies in medical education and research. After the studies are completed, the donated body will be cremated through arrangements with the Hong Kong Government's Cemeteries and Crematoria Office. The cremated ashes will be burried in the public cemetry. The next-of-kin of the donor can also choose to collect the cremated ashes. Subsequent burial can be done at his/her own cost. Ashes can also be scattered at the memorial garden dedicated to ‘Great Body Teachers’ in Junk Bay Chinese Permanent Cemetery.
Q: What if I change my mind after I register for the body-donation programme?
A: You can change your mind any time. Simply notify us when you wish to withdraw your registration.
Q: What if my family disagrees with my wish to donate my body?
A: You are encouraged to discuss your decision with your family, so that they know about and respect your wishes. As the legal right to dispose of a body after death rests with the executor or next-of-kin, our Department can only accept the body in the absence of any objection from such persons.
Q: I have some questions that are not listed here. What can I do?
A: You are most welcome to call us at 39176334. We will try our best to answer your questions.

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