01-07/08/2023 IFMSA August Meeting (AM) 2023 2023 年度八月大會 The IFMSA August Meeting 2023 was one of the two General Assemblies held by the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations IFMSA. The event was held in Delhi, India this year, during which AMSAHK delegates not only won the ‘Most Innovative Award’ and ‘First Place at the Rex-Crossley Awards Gala’, but also obtained voting rights at the General Assembly Plenary. 八月大會為國際醫學生聯盟(IFMSA)一年兩次的大會會議之一,今年度 於印度德里舉行。AMSAHK代表不僅贏得‘Most Innovative Award’ 及 ‘Rex Crossley Awards’ 一等獎兩個獎項,更成功在General Assembly Plenary取得投票權。 11/06/2023 Internship and Career Support Sharing cum Graduation Celebration for MBBS Class of 2023 駐院實習培訓分享會暨 MBBS 2023 畢業班慶祝活動 Internship and Career Support Sharing cum Graduation Celebration was held to celebrate the accomplishments of the MBBS Class 2023 and to assist them to be well-prepared for the one-year internship as housemen. 駐院實習培訓分享會安排學院教職員向MBBS畢業生講解工作與求職的心得 和技巧,讓同學們在慶祝畢業的同時,亦可為未來一年駐院實習培訓做好 準備。 03-07/07/2023 The IFMSA Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) 2023 2023年度亞太區域會議 The IFMSA APRM 2023 was held in Manila, the Philippines with the theme ‘Global Competitiveness in Healthcare: Improving Access for a Better Tomorrow’. Twentyone medical students from AMSAHK attended the event. 本年度國際醫學生聯盟之亞太區域會議於菲律賓馬尼拉舉行,主題為「醫療服務於 全球的競爭: 邁進美好明天」,共有21位AMSAHK成員出席。 10-16/07/2023 The Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC) 2023 2023 年度亞洲醫學生會議 The AMSC 2023 was held in Taipei with the theme ‘Geriatrics: Care of the Future’. Around 40 delegates from Hong Kong joined the Conference. A scientific poster and a research paper submitted by the academic delegates of Hong Kong won the First and Third places at the scientific poster and paper competitions, respectively. 近40位AMSAHK代表出席於台北舉行的亞洲醫學生會議, 主題為「老年醫學:關懷未來」,AMSAHK學術代表在與主題 相關的海報競賽及論文比賽中,分別贏得第一及第三名。 65 HKUMed News Winter 2023