People 人物 26/08/2023 Model WHO 模擬世衞會議 The Model WHO conference was launched by the Asian Medical Students' Association Hong Kong (AMSAHK) in collaboration with the Hong Kong Society of Community Medicine. Medical students who joined the conference as delegates had the chance to represent notable international NGOs, as well as countries from the Western Pacific region of the WHO to gain insight into how public health policies could be modified and adopted to address global mental health issues. 模擬世衞會議由香港亞洲醫學生學生會(AMSAHK)與香港社會醫學學 會合辦,參加者透過扮演各國主要非政府組織及來自西太平洋地區的世 衞代表,親身體驗世衞大會的流程,並學習如何有效制定及推動公共衞 生政策,以回應全球精神健康議題。 09/09/2023 MBBS White Coat Ceremony cum Pin Presentation for MBBS (Distinguished MedScholar) Students MBBS白袍禮暨傑出醫科學人徽章頒授儀式 The White Coat Ceremony for MBBS Year 1 students was held in the Grand Hall of the HKU Centennial Campus. The Pin Presentation Ceremony was also conducted, during which a special pin was presented to each of the MBBS (Distinguished MedScholar) student by Professor Chak-sing Lau, Dean of Medicine. 2023年度MBBS白袍禮於港大百周年校園李兆基會議中心大會堂舉行, 當日亦舉行了MBBS傑出醫科學人徽章頒授儀式,由醫學院院長 劉澤星教授向每位傑出醫科學人頒授獨特的徽章,鼓勵他們在習醫 路上精益求精。 01/06-31/08/2023 BBMS Summer Internship Scheme BBMS暑期實習計劃 The BBMS Summer Internship Scheme provides an excellent opportunity for students to obtain hands-on experience in research laborartories. Experienced researchers also offer guidance for students to develop their practical skills and knowledge in statistics, pharmaceutical science and chemistry for bench-side research. BBMS暑期實習計劃為生物醫學本科生提供與資深研究員合作 的機會,從而獲得寶貴的研究實踐經驗,提升他們在統計學、 藥劑醫學,與化學等範疇的知識與技巧,為日後從事實驗室研 究作最佳準備。 STUDENT ACTIVITIES學生活動 Please scan the QR code for more details 請掃描二維碼以瀏覽更多資訊 (as of 30 September 2023) 64