People 人物 The event was held by The University of Hong Kong Medical Alumni Association (HKUMAA) at the Faculty Boardroom and via Zoom on 2 August 2023. After the AGM, renowned alumnus Professor Lo Chung-mau, Secretary for Health, delivered an inspiring talk, which was joined by over 60 enthusiastic audiences. 香港大學醫學院校友會於2023年8月2日舉行第23屆周 年大會,並邀請知名校友暨醫務衞生局局長盧寵茂教授 於會後擔任演講嘉賓,分享自身經歷。逾60位校友、好 友及醫學院教職員經網上或現場參與。 The HKUMAA Band Show 2023 took place at Grappas’ Cellar on 17 June 2023. The event drew approximately 90 medical alumni, students and friends to gather together for an enjoyable Saturday afternoon with great music. 香港大學醫學院校友會於2023年6月17日假Grappas’ Cellar舉辦樂隊表演活動,逾90位校友及醫學院學生與 好友到場分享音樂,度過愉快的周六下午。 HKUMAA 23rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Talk by Professor Lo Chung-mau 香港大學醫學院校友會第23屆周年大會暨 盧寵茂教授演講 HKUMAA Band Show 2023 2023年度香港大學醫學院校友會樂隊表演 62