IN REMEMBRANCE永遠懷念 With profound sadness, HKUMed reports the passing of our esteemed Faculty member Emeritus Professor Vivian Chan Nap-yee on 20 June 2023. Recruited by Professor AJS McFadzean as the first scientist working in a clinical department, Professor Chan joined the Department of Medicine in 1974. Her enormous contributions to research, initially in endocrinology and haematology, and later in molecular medicine, led to her appointment as a Personal Chair and the Chief of the Division of Molecular Medicine in 1993. For decades, Professor Chan had been working tirelessly to establish novel molecular biological techniques for better patient management and treatment. Professor Chan's groundbreaking work included the development of the first DNA prenatal diagnosis programme in the Asia-Pacific region for the control and prevention of fatal genetic conditions, such as β thalassaemia major, Hb Barts hydrops foetalis (α thalassaemia major), haemophilia A, haemophilia B, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy, and Huntington’s disease. She was the inaugural recipient of the Chui Fook-Chuen Endowed Professorship in Molecular Medicine in 2008, and was conferred Emeritus Professor of HKU in 2013. Professor Chan’s legacy and achievements will always be remembered. The Faculty extends our deepest condolences to her family. 陳立怡榮休教授於2023年6月20日與世長辭,醫學院 仝寅深感哀痛。 陳教授於1974年獲麥花臣教授(AJS McFadzean)聘 用,加入內科學系,成為臨床學系首位科學家。陳教 授在研究方面貢獻良多,涵蓋內分泌學、血液學和分 子醫學,於1993獲任命為分子醫學講座教授暨分部主 任。數十年來,陳教授孜孜不倦,致力革新分子生物 學技術,為患者提供更好的疾病管理和治療。 陳教授的突破性研究包括發展亞太地區首個DNA胎兒 產前診斷計劃,以控制和預防致命的遺傳疾病,如重 型乙型(β)地中海貧血、Hb Barts胎兒水腫【重型甲型 (α)地中海貧血】、甲型血友病、乙型血友病、杜興氏 肌肉萎縮症、脊髓肌肉萎縮症和亨廷頓舞蹈症。陳教 授於2008年獲頒授首屆徐福全基金教授席(分子醫 學),並於2013年獲委任為港大榮休教授。 陳教授畢生致力於醫學研究,成就非凡。醫學院仝寅 將永遠懷念她,並向其家屬致以深切慰問。 Emeritus Professor Vivian Chan Nap-yee 陳立怡榮休教授 59 HKUMed News Winter 2023