Dr Allie Lee (Ophthalmology, SClinMed) was named Distinguished Young Fellow 2023 by the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine 臨床醫學學院眼科學系李雅麗醫生 獲選為2023年度香港醫學專科學院 傑出青年院士 Winners of the Faculty Clinical Service Excellence Awards (CSEA) 2023: 2023年度學院臨床服務卓越獎得主: Dr Gill Harinder Harry Singh (Medicine, SClinMed) was awarded the Sir David Todd Lectureship by the Hong Kong College of Physicians 臨床醫學學院內科學系喬夏利醫生 獲邀擔任香港內科醫學院達安輝教授 講座講者 Dr Martin Cheung Chi-hang (Biomedical Sciences) was appointed as Member of the Careers and Placement Committee of the University 生物醫學學院張知恒博士獲任命為 香港大學Careers and Placement Committee 委員 Professor Yuen Kwok-Yung (Microbiology, SClinMed) was conferred Honorary Fellow by the University of Hong Kong 臨床醫學學院微生物學系袁國勇教授 獲頒港大榮譽院士銜 Professor Ian Wong Chi-kei (Pharmacology and Pharmacy) and team members were presented the Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Award 2023 by the Knowledge Exchange Office of HKU 藥理及藥劑學系黃志基教授及團隊 獲香港大學知識交流辦公室頒發 2023年度「學院知識交流獎」 • Dr Henry Fu Chun-him (Orthopaedics and Traumatology, SClinMed) 臨床醫學學院矯形及創傷外科學系 傅俊謙醫生 • Professor Ava Kwong (Surgery, SClinMed) 臨床醫學學院外科學系鄺靄慧教授 • Professor Yiu Kai-hang (Medicine, SClinMed) 臨床醫學學院內科學系姚啟恒教授 Dr Cheung Ka-shing (Medicine, SClinMed) was awarded the Young Investigator Research Grant 2023 by the Hong Kong College of Physicians 臨床醫學學院內科學系張嘉盛醫生獲香港內科醫學院頒發2023年度 Young Investigator Research Grant 51 HKUMed News Winter 2023