Professor Kenneth Cheung Man-chee (Hospital Chief Executive of HKU-Shenzhen Hospital; Orthopaedics and Traumatology, SClinMed) received the Shenzhen Physician Award 香港大學深圳醫院院長、臨床醫學學院矯形及創傷外科學系張文智教授獲頒 深圳醫師獎 Professor Guan Yi (Public Health) was ranked first nationally in the field of Immunology according to the Best Scientists Rankings by Research.com in 2023 公共衞生學院管軼教授獲Research.com評選為2023年度全國排名首位的免疫 學領域優秀科學家 Dr Wendy Lam Wing-tak (Public Health) was elected President of International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS). Dr Lam also received the 2023 Distinguished Merit Award presented by the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care (ISNCC) 公共衞生學院藍詠德博士獲選 為國際心理腫瘤醫學會主席; 藍博士亦獲國際腫瘤護士協會 頒發2023年度Distinguished Merit Award Professor Yuen Kwok-Yung (Microbiology, SClinMed) was appointed Honorary Dean of the Shanghai Institute of Infectious Disease and Biosecurity 臨床醫學學院微生物學系袁國勇教授 獲上海市重大傳染病和生物安全研究 院任命為榮譽院長 Dr Jasper Chan Fuk-woo (Microbiology, SClinMed) received The 8th VCANBIO Award for Biosciences and Medicine (VABM) (Innovation Breakthrough Award) 臨床醫學學院微生物學系陳福和醫生 獲第八屆中源協和生命醫學獎 (創新突破獎) Dr Hu Yong (Orthopaedics and Traumatology, SClinMed) and his team were named Champion of ‘Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential (SSVEP)’ contest and ‘BCI Adversarial Attack Security’ contest at the World Robot Conference (WRC) 2023 臨床醫學學院矯形及創傷外科學系 胡勇博士及團隊贏得2023年度 世界機器人大會騰訊雲杯 「技術賽SSVEP賽項」及 「技術賽腦機對抗安全賽項」第一名 Dr Tommy Lam Tsan-yuk (Public Health) was bestowed the Zhong Nanshan Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award 公共衞生學院林讚育博士獲 鍾南山青年科技創新獎 Dr Elaine Lee Yuen-phin (Diagnostic Radiology, SClinMed) received the Distinction Award for Oral Presentation at the 22nd International Cancer Imaging Society (ICIS) Meeting and Annual Teaching Course 2023 臨床醫學學院放射診斷學系 李燕蘋醫生於2023年度國際腫瘤 成像學會第22次會議暨年度教育課程 獲頒優秀口頭報告獎 Dr Philip Li (Medicine, SClinMed) was appointed as Member of the ‘Expert Committee to Investigate Recent Incidence of Drug Allergies and Their Aftereffects’ by the Sri Lanka Ministry of Health 臨床醫學學院內科學系李曦醫生獲 斯里蘭卡衞生部任命為 「Expert Committee to Investigate Recent Incidence of Drug Allergies and Their Aftereffects」委員 NATIONAL / 49 HKUMed News Winter 2023 國 家獎 項 成就