Professor Mak Tak-wah Bestowed with 2023 William B. Coley Award and Ranked as Top 10 Best Scientists 麥德華教授榮獲2023年威廉•科利獎及位列其研究領域 全球前十名 Professor Mak Tak-wah (Pathology, SClinMed) was conferred the 2023 William B. Coley Award, the highest scientific honour by Cancer Research Institute in Basic and Tumor Immunology, in recognition of his profound discoveries throughout his career, most notably the revolutionised contribution in establishing the foundations of T-cell immunology. Professor Mak was also ranked nineth internationally in the field of Molecular Biology according to the Best Scientists Ranking by Research.com in 2023. 臨床醫學學院病理學系麥德華教授獲美國癌症研究所頒發2023年威廉•科利獎, 表彰其在基礎及腫瘤免疫學領域的傑出貢獻。 麥教授亦獲Research.com評選為2023年度全球排名第9位的分子生物學領域優秀科學家。 Dr Loey Mak Lung-yi (Medicine, SClinMed) was awarded the prestigious EASL Emerging Leader Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions to liver research 臨床醫學學院內科學系 麥龍兒醫生獲歐洲肝臟研究 協會頒發2023年度新進領導 大獎,表彰其對肝臟研究的 傑出貢獻 Dr Yuan Shuofeng (Microbiology, SClinMed) received China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2023 (Hong Kong and Macau) by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments in scientific research 臨床醫學學院微生物學系 袁碩峰博士的研究, 獲2023年度中國國家 自然科學基金頒發年度 「優秀青年科學基金」項目, 以支持其科研工作 Three Research Projects of the Faculty Received US National Academy of Medicine Healthy Longevity Catalyst Award (Hong Kong) 2023 學院三大研究項目獲2023年美國國家醫學院健康長壽 催化創新獎(香港) Research projects led by Dr Geng Leiluo (Medicine, SClinMed), Dr Ralf Jauch (Biomedical Sciences) and Dr Rio Sugimura (Biomedical Sciences) were awarded the Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards (Hong Kong) 2023 in the Healthy Longevity Global Competition held by the US National Academy of Medicine in support of the team’s innovative ideas and research projects that could potentially extend human healthspan. 由臨床醫學學院內科學系耿磊落博士、生物醫學學院Ralf Jauch博士及 生物醫學學院杉村竜一博士領導的研究項目,獲美國國家醫學院2023年度 「健康長壽催化創新獎(香港)」,以支持團隊在其學科領域中有可能延長人類健康壽命 的創新研究。 47 HKUMed News Winter 2023