Over four years ago, HKUMed collaborated with a local start-up to develop computer-aided detection colonoscopy, applying AI to detect colonic polyps in real-time and remove them for histological examination, as needed. This technology has proved to be effective in reducing missed lesions, and hence the risk of colorectal cancer. Similar AI models are currently used in local hospitals to enhance polyp detection. 學院約四年多前聯同本地初創企業共同硏發電腦輔助偵 測技術,應用於大腸內窺鏡檢查,以AI輔助偵測大腸瘜肉, 根據需要即時切除瘜肉作組織學化驗。此技術已獲證實可有 效減少漏診,從而降低瘜肉演變成大腸直腸癌的風險。目前, 本港醫院已使用類似的AI模型以增強瘜肉檢測。 Since 2022, medical training at HKUMed using high-fidelity simulators has effectively advanced undergraduate nursing education, as well as interprofessional education for institutions in Hong Kong and beyond, achieving system-level transformations to address increasingly complex healthcare problems and improve treatment outcomes. 自2022年起,學院利用高仿真度模擬病人進行醫護教 育,既有效提升本科護理培訓,亦推動本港及其他地區院校 的跨專業教育,透過系統式轉型,應對日益複雜的醫療挑戰 並改善治療效果。 FEATURE + AI-assisted Colonoscopy AI輔助大腸內窺鏡 High-fidelity Simulators 高仿真度模擬病人 Health technology plays a key role in healthcare today and tomorrow. HKUMed is dedicated to introducing advanced devices, procedures and systems, and pursuing research to drive innovation. These developments to facilitate healthcare professionals in enhancing the effectiveness of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for various health conditions. Ultimately, they contribute to enhancing the overall patient experience throughout their entire healthcare journey. 醫療科技在現今及未來的醫療保健中擔當重要角色。學院致力引入先進設備、程序和系統,且透過研究推動創新, 就不同的健康情況協助醫護專業人員提高預防、診斷、治療以至復康方案的成效,最終有助提升病人在醫療過程中的 整體體驗。 Enhancing Clinical Services – Better Diagnosis and Treatment for Patients 提升臨床服務 改善診斷和治療 40