The Technology-Enriched Learning Mezzanine (Techmezz) in the Yu Chun Keung Medical Library is equipped with cutting-edge digital facilities, such as Anatomage, a fully segmented real human 3D dissection platform, alongside virtual reality stations for the exploration and learning of human anatomy in innovative ways. 位於余振強醫學圖書館的Techmezz設有頂尖數碼教 學設備,如Anatomage虛擬解剖桌以及虛擬實境裝置, 讓學生以創新方式探索和學習人體解剖學。 HKUMed was among the very first medical schools in Asia to introduce large-scale teaching of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS), known to many as ‘tomorrow’s stethoscope’. Supported by the Tam Shiu Charitable Trust, all senior MBBS students are equipped with their own portable devices to acquire and practise ultrasonographic skills to enhance bedside assessment and therapy. 作為亞洲首間在課程中大規模引入被喻為「明日的聽 診器」手提超聲波(POCUS)的醫學院之一,學院承蒙譚 兆慈善基金慷慨捐助,為高年級醫科生提供個人便攜式設 備,讓學生可練習和掌握超聲波檢查技巧,提升臨床評估 和治療成效。 Virtual Reality 虛擬實境 Ultrasonography 超聲波檢查 Telemedicine and telehealth have become extremely important areas of medicine since the COVID-19 outbreak. In response, telemedicine was introduced to MBBS teaching in 2020 to provide students with real patient scenarios. It has been expanded to outpatient teleconsultations and telepharmacy. 因應新冠肺炎疫情肆虐全球,遙距診症和遙距醫療日 漸普及。自2020年起,遙距醫療成為內外全科醫學士課程 的一部分,令學生有機會接觸真實的診症場景,為日後做好 準備。目前,遙距醫療已廣泛應用於臨床教學,涵蓋遙距 監察病人情況及遠距配藥。 Telehealth 遙距醫療 39 HKUMed News Winter 2023