Committed to nurturing outstanding healthcare professionals for the future, it has been HKUMed’s longstanding ethos to promote the integration of technological and pedagogical innovations into its professional curricula for the continued enhancement of teaching and learning capacity. After years of curriculum reforms, HKUMed has made great strides in enhancing students’ digital health competence alongside medical knowledge and ethics, to meet society’s ever-evolving healthcare needs. 學院致力培育傑出的醫護專才,積極推動科技與教學創新相結合,以持續提升教學質素和學習能力。運用數碼科技 輔助教學培訓是學院的一貫理念。近年,學院透過課程改革,在傳授醫學及倫理知識的同時,不斷提升學生的數碼健康 素養,以應對社會不斷變化的醫療需求。 The newly established Generative AI Resource Hub is a student-educator partnership initiative to develop teaching materials and guidelines that facilitate the application of AI technologies in teaching and learning activities. The introduction of Generative AI (GenAI) enables the simulation of realistic patient scenarios to create a multimodal learning experience, such as the development of Hong Kong’s first ‘AI virtual patient’ diagnostic application to train students’ history taking, clinical reasoning and interpersonal skills. FEATURE + Digital technology is transforming the world and shaping the future of healthcare. To accomplish its mission to excel in healthcare education, clinical services and research, HKUMed embraces digital innovations in healthcare and healthcare education. By incorporating cutting-edge education and medical technologies, the Faculty aims to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals with the capability to meet the fast-changing health challenges, optimise clinical outcomes, and contribute to sustainable healthcare. 數碼科技正在改變世界,亦塑造醫療專業的未來。港大醫學院在教育培訓、臨床服務和研究領域追求卓越、擁抱數碼革新,引入 尖端教育科技和醫療護理技術,冀讓新一代醫療專業人員具備所需知識和技能,以有效應對不斷變化的健康挑戰,同時提升臨床 服務水平,為醫療保健的可持續發展出一分力。 HKUMed’s Journey into Cutting-edge Technologies 善用科技——創新教學與治療 Modernising Healthcare Education to Keep Abreast of the Times 醫學教育與時並進 Artificial Intelligence (AI) 人工智能(AI) Scan the QR code to see how the AI chatbot helps train students to clerk patients: 掃描以下二維碼,了解AI聊天機器人如何協助 培訓醫科生的問診技巧 新成立的生成式人工智能(GenAI)資源中心,以師生合 作模式,開發有關GenAI的教材和應用指引,促進有關技 術的教學應用。 學院引入GenAI技術,在教學上模擬真實病況,創造 多模式學習體驗。如研發出全港首個「AI虛擬病人」應用程 式以訓練學生採集病史、臨床推理和人際溝通技巧等。 38