Inaugural Gabriel Leung Lecture 首屆梁卓偉講座 ‘We clearly need public and political momentum, through funding new economic studies to raise awareness... and launching deliberative democratic programmes across the world, to bring people in.’ – Professor Dame Sally Davies 「顯然我們需要公眾和政治的動力,透過資助新的經濟研究以提升人們對抗生素耐藥性問題 的關注...並在全球推行民主諮詢計劃,引入民意。」– Sally Davies女爵士教授 Panellists Dr Richard Kao Yi-tsun, Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, School of Clinical Medicine and Dr Yen Hui-ling, Associate Professor, School of Public Health, exchange views in the panel discussion moderated by Professor Chak-sing Lau, Dean of Medicine. 臨床醫學學院微生學系副教授高一村博士及公共衞生學院副教授嚴慧玲博士在座談環節作 交流,由醫學院院長劉澤星教授擔任主持。 Professor Gabriel Leung (second from left); Dr the Honourable Leong Che-hung (third from left); Ms Priscilla Wong, HKU Council Chairman (third from right); Professor Dame Sally Davies; Professor Chak-sing Lau, Dean of Medicine and panellists. 梁卓偉教授(左二)、梁智鴻醫生(左三)、 港大校務委員會主席王沛詩女士(右三)、Sally Davies 女爵士教授、 醫學院院長劉澤星教授與座談嘉賓合照。 In 2022, over 70 staunch supporters across disciplines and professions made donations to support a named lecture in honour of Professor Gabriel Leung, the fortieth Dean of Medicine. The Gabriel Leung Lecture invites prominent scholars, academicians and practitioners from universities and medical and health science centres from around the world to visit and give talks at the University, facilitating knowledge exchange for students, researchers, scholars and the general public. The Inaugural Gabriel Leung Lecture was held on 24 October 2023. Professor Dame Sally Davies, UK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance and Master of Trinity College, University of Cambridge, delivered a lecture entitled ‘Saving our planet from the grand pandemic of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)’. In her lecture, Dame Sally shared new data exposing the problem and its drivers, and showcased some of the local, national and global efforts in all sectors to tackle the wicked problem of AMR, which is also the thirdleading underlying cause of death globally. 2022年,逾70位來自不同界別和專業的善長捐貲 以港大醫學院第四十任院長梁卓偉教授命名的講座,表揚 梁教授對醫學教育的貢獻。「梁卓偉講座」系列邀請全球 知名學府的學者、院士及醫療衞生科學機構的業內人士 到訪和演講,藉此促進與學生、研究人員、學者及公眾 的知識交流。 首屆「梁卓偉講座」於2023年10月24日舉行,英國 抗生素耐藥性問題特使及劍橋大學聖三一學院院長Sally Davies女爵士教授蒞臨分享有關抗生素耐藥性問題的最新 數據,以及世界各地如何應對這全球第三大致命成因所 帶來的挑戰。 36