–1999 1980s Establishment of the Divisions of: • Neurology • Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics ✚ First in the world to champion Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) as firstline renal replacement therapy for patients with end-stage kidney disease, leading to the establishment of ‘PD First’ healthcare policy in Hong Kong ✚ First specialised lupus nephritis clinic in Hong Kong 以下專科成立: • 腦神經科 • 臨床藥理及治療科 ✚ 提出以腹膜透析作為末期腎病變的 替代療法以及腎衰竭病人第一線治療, 為全球首例,促使本港確立「腹膜透析 優先」的醫療政策 ✚ 成立本港首間狼瘡性腎炎專科臨床診所 1990 ✚ First in Hong Kong to establish HBVDNA quantitative assay for the early detection of hepatitis B reactivation, and pioneered preventive anti-viral therapy in immunosuppressed renal patients ✚ Opening of bone marrow transplant centre and first adult allogeneic bone marrow transplant in Hong Kong ✚ 建立本港首個乙肝病毒載量測試,以 及早檢測乙肝病毒活化,並率先對免疫 抑制腎病患者進行預防性抗病毒治療 ✚ 香港首個骨髓移植中心開幕,並進行首 宗成人異體骨髓移植 1994 ✚ Establishment of K.K. Leung Diabetes Centre, the first Diabetes Centre in Hong Kong ✚ 成立梁銶琚糖尿病中心,為本港首間 糖尿病診所 1995 Establishment of the Division of Geriatrics 老人科成立 1998 ✚ First cardiac resynchronisation therapy pacemaker implantation in Hong Kong ✚ 進行本港首宗心臟再同步治療起搏器植 入手術 1999 ✚ First cardiac resynchronisation therapy defibrillator implantation in Hong Kong ✚ First acute ischaemic stroke patient received intravenous thrombolysis using recombinant tissue plasminogen activator ✚ 進行本港首宗心臟再同步治療去顫器 植入手術 ✚ 首宗急性缺血性中風患者接受合成 溶血酶原激活劑靜脈溶栓治療 ✚ Department’s firsts 學系在本港或全球首項研究或臨床服務 23 HKUMed News Winter 2023