1923– FEATURE 1923 Establishment of the Department 内科學系成立 1937 Opening of Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) 瑪麗醫院成立 1946 More than 30 students completed their studies in Free China with their degrees recognised by HKU’s Medical Degrees Emergency Committee 逾30名學生在二戰時於內地完成學業, 學位獲港大醫科學位緊急委員會認可 1948 Professor AJS McFadzean as Chair marked the beginning of the modern Department of Medicine and first class of medical students admitted following the end of WWII 麥花臣教授擔任系主任,標誌著學系 現代化的開始;二戰結束後招收第一批 醫科生 1950 Establishment of the Division of Cardiology 心臟科成立 1952 Professor Sir David Todd became the first graduate to be appointed as professor of medicine 達安輝教授成為首位獲任命為 內科教授的畢業生 1956 Establishment of the QMH Lewis Laboratory where the first cardiac catheterisation was performed, and formal lung function tests was introduced 瑪麗醫院實驗室Lewis Laboratory 成立,進行首宗心臟導管介入治療, 並引入肺功能測試 Late 1950s Rapid expansion of the Faculty and the Department of Medicine, with enrolment of medical students surging from below 60 in the late 1950s to 150 by 1972 學院與內科學系迅速擴展,醫科生人數由 1950年代末期不到60人激增至1972年的 150人 1960s Establishment of the Divisions of: • Endocrinology • Respiratory Medicine • Gastroenterology and Hepatology • Nephrology 以下專科成立: • 內分泌科 • 呼吸系統科 • 腸胃及肝臟科 • 腎臟科 1970s Establishment of the Divisions of: • Haematology and Oncology • Rheumatology Application of DNA technology to haematology with methods of preparing mRNA and liquid hybridisation The Department grew under Professor Todd’s leadership, where each staff member belonged to one specialty and was given the freedom to develop 以下專科成立: • 血液及腫瘤科 • 風濕科 應用DNA技術於血液學的mRNA製備及液 體雜交方法 在達安輝教授領導下,學系每位成員都 能夠在各自的專科領域自由發展 Milestones of the Department 百載里程碑 22