The Department has been able to fulfil its mission of excellence and care despite upheavals and trials over these past 100 years because it also adheres to another aim – to strive to be better. That has meant being well-informed, flexible, and always with an eye to anticipating and acting on new developments. Such an attitude served it very well during the ↑Logo designed by Ambrose Leung Pak-wah (MBBS Year 6), in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Department of Medicine 由六年級醫科生梁柏華設計的内科學系百周年紀念標誌 ↑HKU-Cambridge Joint Medical Symposium and the Centenary Gala Dinner, held on 11 November 2023 於2023年11月11日 舉辦的港大-劍橋大學 聯合醫學論壇及百周年 晚宴 Future Focus COVID-19 pandemic and is doing so now, with the advent of artificial intelligence. ‘We have already been using AI in research to help improve diagnosis and prognosis of some cancers,’ Professor Tse said. ‘On the other hand, we should not rely too heavily on AI. It cannot replace the physician and teacher, certainly not in the human qualities that make great physicians and teachers. But it can be a great aid for clinical service and output.’ ‘Modern and newer facilities will facilitate more clinical research,’ he shared. ‘And with new talent and the continued advancement of our existing staff, we look forward to lifting our research profile and growing and excelling further in our mission to serve Hong Kong.’ 13 HKUMed News Winter 2023