↓Professor Yuen hopes his team's newly discovered treatment could achieve a 30 per cent cure rate among chronic ←Medical students during clinical training in the 1950s. 1950年代醫科生接受 臨床培訓。 →Dr Loey Mak Lung-yi, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, SClinMed was one of the clinical teaching staff with remarkable achievements in research. She was named winner of the prestigious EASL Emerging Leader Award in 2023. 臨床醫學學院内科學系 臨床助理教授麥龍兒 醫生是學系其中一位 臨床教學與研究表現 兼優的學者,於2023 年獲歐洲肝臟研究協會 新進領袖獎。 FEATURE also moved with the times and become less siloed and more cross-disciplinary and comprehensive. Joint clinics have been established to provide holistic services, such as in geriatrics where the Department pioneered the use of multidisciplinary teams in Hospital Authority-managed hospitals. Another example would be the Integrated Cardiovascular Diseases Centre at Queen Mary Hospital, aiming to provide one-stop services to cardiovascular disease patients to enhance diagnosis and treatment processes, which is now in preparatory stage. The Department’s expertise across many specialties also makes it a major referral centre in Hong Kong for difficult or unusual cases. It also had a prominent role during the COVID-19 pandemic when it became deeply engaged in both patient care and research – a signifier of a trend across the Department. ‘When it comes to clinical services, we are very keen to promote a research mindset to help us be even better,’ Professor Tse said. Clinical practitioners are actively being recruited who have potential to be groomed along an academic track to pursue more basic research. Joint appointments have also been made with the School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Public Health to foster interdisciplinary collaboration – the appointees spend half their time working on clinical services, half on basic research. The GRF incentive scheme described above also benefits this group. Of course, the reliance on people works both ways. The Department not only seeks to recruit talent, it is also a critical source of talent as a major provider of trained medical professionals to meet Hong Kong’s health needs – perhaps the most important part of its mission. ‘When it comes to clinical services, we are very keen to promote a research mindset to help us be even better.’ Professor Tse Hung-fat 10