01-07/08/2022 IFMSA August Meeting 2022 2022年世界醫學生聯盟 (IFMSA) 夏季大會 Members of the Asian Medical Students’ Association Hong Kong (AMSAHK) attended the August Meeting of the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA) in Turkey. 香港亞洲醫學生學生會(AMSAHK)成員出席於土耳其舉行的2022年世界 醫學生聯盟(IFMSA)夏季大會。 18/09/2022 MBBS White Coat Ceremony 2022 2022年內外全科醫學士白袍禮 HKUMed’s aspiring doctors from the class of 2028 gathered for their White Coat Ceremony, marking a rite of passage in their journey to becoming medical professionals. 將於2028年畢業的內外全科醫學士生參加 2022年度白袍禮。 24-26/9/2022 Biomedical Sciences Society Orientation Series 生物醫學學會迎新系列 The Biomedical Sciences O-series 2022 was held to enable BBMS freshmen to get to know their peers and prepare them for a great start at the University. 生物醫學學會迎新系列於九月底舉行,學會期望透過多項活動, 令本學年入學的生物醫學本科生互相認識,幫助他們融入大學 生活。 STUDENT ACTIVITIES學生活動 Please scan the QR code for more details 請掃描二維碼以瀏覽更多資訊 (as of 30 September 2022) 59 HKUMed News Winter 2022