HKUMed News (Vol 27 | Issue 2)

Achievements 獎項與成就 HKU-SZH won the Infection Control Excellence Award at the Asian Hospital Management Awards 2022 香港大學深圳醫院獲2022年度亞洲 醫院管理大獎頒發感染控制卓越獎 Dr Kenny Kwan Yat-hong (Orthopaedics and Traumatology, SClinMed) received The APSS-ASJ Best Clinical Research Award and The APSS Congress Best Basic Science Award at the APSS Annual Meeting 2022 with Live Operative Surgical Course 臨床醫學學院矯形及創傷外科學系 關日康醫生獲2022 年度 APSS 年會 與現場手術課程頒發APSS-ASJ 最佳臨床研究獎及APSS Congress 最佳基礎科學獎 Dr Herbert Kwok Wang-chun (Medicine, SClinMed) received the Best Oral Presentation Award at the 8th Asia Pacific Region Conference (APRC) of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 臨床醫學學院內科學系郭宏駿醫生獲 國際防癆與肺部疾病聯合會第八屆亞太 區會議(APRC)頒發最佳口頭報告獎 Dr Vivian Shuai Huiping (Microbiology, SClinMed) was selected as one of the Future Female Scientists 2021 by China Association for Science and Technology 臨床醫學學院微生物學系帥惠萍博士 獲中國科學技術協會選為2021年度 未來女科學家計劃一員 Professor Spring Kong Feng-ming (Clinical Oncology, SClinMed) was selected by the ‘STAR Working Group’ as Chairperson for Oncology Guideline Task in China 臨床醫學學院臨床腫瘤學系孔鳳鳴 教授獲「STAR中國指南和共識評級」 選為腫瘤學專業委員會主任委員 The Clinical Oncology Medical Center of HKU-SZH was granted approval to establish the Shenzhen Key Lab for Translational Research on Recurrent/Metastatic Cancer and Personalized Oncology 香港大學深圳醫院臨床腫瘤醫學中心 獲批建立深圳市腫瘤復發轉移與個性 化治療轉化醫學重點實驗室 Professor Anne Lee Wing-mui (Clinical Oncology Medical Centre, HKU-SZH) and team’s research was ranked top 20% by the 2021 STAR Guideline (Oncology) of China 香港大學深圳醫院臨床腫瘤醫學中心 主管李詠梅教授及團隊的研究論文, 於 2021年度STAR中國指南(腫瘤學) 獲得首20%排名的優異成績 Professor Yiu Kai-hang (Medicine, SClinMed) was selected as Winner of the East Star Award at the 2022 Oriental Congress of Cardiology Professor Yiu was also named Social Mentor by the Southern University of Science and Technology and was selected Chairman of the Guangdong Elder Healthcare Association – Coronary Heart Disease Precision Treatment and Cardiac Rehabilitation Professional Committee 臨床醫學學院內科學系姚啟恒教授獲 2022年東方心臟病學會議選為第九屆 「東方新星」 姚教授亦獲南方科技大學選為「社會 導師」,及獲廣東省老年保健協會 選為冠心病精準治療與心臟康復專業 委員會主任委員 INTERNATIONAL / NATIONAL / 46 國際獎項 成就 國家獎項 成就