Achievements 獎項與成就 Dr Huang Yuanhua (Biomedical Sciences), Dr Eric Wan Yuk-fai (Family Medicine and Primary Care, SClinMed; Pharmacology and Pharmacy) and Dr Wang Weiping (Pharmacology and Pharmacy; Dr Li Dak-Sum Research Centre) were awarded the prestigious Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2022 (Hong Kong and Macau) in recognition of their outstanding achievements in scientific research. 生物醫學學院�淵華博士、臨床醫學學院家庭醫學及基層醫療學系尹旭輝博士(兼屬藥理及藥劑學系),和藥理及藥劑學系 汪衛平博士(兼屬李達三博士研究中心),憑藉在基礎研究取得的卓越成績,獲中國國家自然科學基金頒發2022年度「優秀 青年科學基金」,以支持他們的科研工作。 Professor Sophia Chan Siu-chee (Nursing) was awarded the Gold Bauhinia Star 2022 in recognition of her distinguished service to the Hong Kong Government and the wider community. Professor Chan was also appointed as Justice of the Peace. 護理學院陳肇始教授獲香港特別行政區政府頒授金紫荊星章,以表彰其盡心 竭力為政府和香港市民服務。陳教授亦獲委任為太平紳士。 Professor Ivan Hung Fan-ngai (Medicine, SClinMed), Professor Chak-sing Lau (Medicine, SClinMed), and Professor Lau Yu-lung (Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, SClinMed) were awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star 2022. 臨床醫學學院內科學系孔繁毅教授及劉澤星教授,和臨床醫學學院兒童及青少年 科學系劉宇隆教授獲頒授銅紫荊星章。 Professor Irene Ng Oi-lin (Pathology, SClinMed), Director of State Key Laboratory of Liver Research (HKU) and Chair Professor of Pathology was named among Top 1,000 Female Scientists in the World and ranked No. 8 nationally by, a leading academic platform for researchers. 肝病研究國家重點實驗室(香港大學) 主任、臨床醫學學院病理學系講座 教授吳呂愛蓮教授獲學術研究平臺 選為2022年度全球 首一千名優秀女科學家之一,於全國 排名第八位。 Please scan the following QR code for details: 請掃描以下二維碼以獲取更多資訊: Faculty Members Awarded China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2022 港大醫學院教職員獲2022年度國家優秀青年科學基金 Awardees of the Government’s 2022 Honour List and Justice of the Peace Appointment 2022年度授勳及嘉獎名單 Professor Irene Ng Named One of the World’s Best Women Scientists 2022 吳呂愛蓮教授獲選為全球優 秀女科學家之一 Faculty Achievements 學院教職員所獲獎項與成就 (as of 25 October 2022) MAJOR AWARDS / 44 主要 獎項 成就