Celebrating 135th Anniversary 135周年院慶 ‘We’re collectively vulnerable to the future of fast pandemics linked to our individual and collective health resiliency. If there are lessons to be learned, it’s not the post mortem of COVID and how it happened, it’s how we managed it and what we have ignored for years.’ – Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham 「我們容易受到快速流行病的未來發展所影響,是因為快速流行病與個人和集體的健康恢復 力有關。如果要汲取教訓,那不是新冠疫情的事後分析以及它的來由,而是我們如何處理 它以及一直被我們忽略的東西。」⸺ 德納姆達茲勳爵 Group photo of the panellists and special guests of the lecture Dr the Honourable Leong Che-hung and Dr Lilian Leong (centre) 小組成員與特別嘉賓梁智鴻醫生伉儷(中間)合照 Panelists Professor Philip Chiu, Department of Surgery, CUHK; Dr Christian Fang, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, School of Clinical Medicine, HKUMed; Ms Nisa Leung, Managing Partner, Qiming Venture Partners and Professor Mak Tak-wah, Department of Pathology, School of Clinical Medicine, HKUMed, exchanged their views in the panel discussion moderated by Professor Gabriel Leung. 香港中文大學外科學系趙偉仁教授、港大醫學院臨床醫學學院矯形 及創傷外科學系方欣碩醫生、啓明創投主管合伙人梁頴宇女士,及 港大醫學院臨床醫學學院病理學系麥德華教授在小組討論作交流, 由梁卓偉教授擔任主持。 In celebration of HKUMed’s 135th Anniversary, global luminaries have been invited to deliver a series of 135th Anniversary Dean’s Lectures, the second of which was held on 23 June 2022, by Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham, entitled ‘Innovating Our Way Out of COVID’. Professor Darzi is Leong Che-Hung Distinguished Visiting Professor in Leadership; Doctor of Science honoris causa, The University of Hong Kong; cum CoDirector of the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London. The third lecture ‘Strategic Scientific and Technological Capacity Building in Clinical Medicine’, was delivered by Professor Qiao Jie, Executive Vice President of Peking University, President of Peking University Health Science Center cum President of Peking University Third Hospital held on 26 September 2022. 作為院慶活動之一,「群賢匯智」港大醫學院135周年院 長講座系列滙聚不同醫學領域的環球醫學精英作主講嘉賓。 第二場講座於2022年6月23日舉行,由梁智鴻傑出訪問教授 (領航)、香港大學名譽科學博士、英國倫敦帝國學院全球健 康創新研究所聯席主任及外科學系講座教授德納姆達茲勳爵 Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham主講《創意領航 走出 疫情》。 第三場講座《臨床醫學戰略科技力量的構建與利用》由 北京大學常務副校長、醫學部主任及第三醫院院長喬杰教授 主講,於2022年9月26日舉行。 42