Gatekeeping for public health Having served in public hospitals throughout his professional practice, Dr Rex Lam (Department of Emergency Medicine), recipient of ‘CSEA for private clinical services’, admitted that he ‘had never spent a day in private practice’ before joining the Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong (GHK). Even so, Dr Lam and his team had successfully set up a 24-hour emergency department for GHK in March 2017, offering patients with a new option other than public emergency departments and private 24-hour clinics, where high-quality emergency services are available in a more comfortable environment and at affordable prices. Working in a private hospital will certainly involve cost control and other business considerations. Dr Lam said he is fortunate enough to have a team that share the same philosophy: ‘Even though we provide emergency services in a private setting, we never take advantage of our patients,’ he said. ‘Before having more expensive examinations or treatments, we always explain to patients and/or their families and inform of them of the charges, and never undertake any unnecessary procedures. We believe that if the public is satisfied with our services, the word will spread and they will come back when in need.’ Over the past five years since establishment, the number of patients receiving emergency services at GHK has soared nine-fold. It is evident that the emergency services provided by Dr Lam and his team have not only addressed the public’s needs but also earned their trust. Another ‘gatekeeper’ of public health, Dr Philip Li (Department of Medicine), who received ‘CSEA for young staff members’, has spared no time in addressing public concern about COVID vaccine allergies. While the specialty of FEATURE + ↓Dr Philip Li, Chief of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology and Clinical Assistant Professor of the Department of Medicine, SClinMed was named the CSEA winner for young staff members. ←Dr Rex Lam Pui-kin, Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, SClinMed and Chair of Specialty of 24hour Outpatient and Emergency Department of GHK was named winner of CSEA for private clinical services. ↓→ Being able to work with a committed team of clinicians at GHK was one of the most rewarding experiences for Dr Rex Lam. 36